Fall Decorating Ideas for Your NYC Home

New fall decorating ideas are perfect to implement when the colder season approaches in New York City, bringing with it new colors and fun holidays. This is the perfect time to celebrate the new seasons with new changes for the decor.

New fall decorating ideas are perfect to implement when the colder season approaches in New York City, bringing with it new colors and fun holidays. This is the perfect time to celebrate the new seasons with new changes for the decor. Just a few fall decorating ideas will have your decor looking inviting and comfy for the colder weather and for receiving holiday guests.

Celebrate Colors

Fall is known for its lovely earthy colors of changing leaves, pumpkins and squash, apples, evergreens, and sunsets. This is a great time to decorate the abode in colors of gold with accents of rusts and reds to reflect the changing leaves. Do not forget the evergreens that hide beneath the winter white as well. Add a purple from a fall sunset for a splash of decor excitement.

Seasonal Decor Swap

Add changes in the decor by swapping out the brightly colored and red, white, and blue summery accessories and furnishings to celebrate the warmth of autumn using your fall color scheme. Add new pillows and comfy knitted throws to the bedroom, living room, and family room to accessorize. Send the summer area rug out for cleaning and storage, and replace it with an area rug that will tie together the fall color palette.

This is the perfect time of year to change the bedding. Encompass a nice fluffy comforter in a rich rust or gold colored duvet cover with matching shams. Add a soft knitted throw blanket and pillows in accent colors. You can do the same in the bathroom by placing a new shower curtain and towels. Artwork can be changed with the seasons as well. Do a new grouping of works or a large painting with the colors of fall that you are using to tie together with your new pillows and area rug.

Unlike the warmer seasons when you want the windows to be airy and simple, this is the perfect time of year to dress the windows up. Heavier drapery will add warmth to a room in the colder months. Simply add a decorative rod above the window at ceiling height and add drapery panels that can be opened during the day for light and closed at night for warmth and coziness.

Slip a New Cover On

Now is a good time to get rid of the chintz and linen upholstery. That does not mean you have to buy new furniture. Cover your existing sofa and chairs with custom made slipcovers in a cozy chenille or elegant velvet. Even a nice denim slipcover will be perfect for the more informal decor. Seat cushions for a framed chair can be recovered by repurposing an old sweater. A wall can get a new cover up for the colder season as well with a removable wall mural that is easy to install and take down for your next decor change.

A Garnish to Finish

Welcome visitors inside with a beautiful wreath hung on your door. Not everyone living in a NYC apartment has the luxury of a fireplace to cozy up to. Lovely candles grouped together add a warm flame to the decor to counter the cold outside. Fill a large bowl as a table centerpiece with bright, red apples that provide beauty as well as a healthy snack offering. Be creative mixing in colorful golden and green apples, and add some warm wood texture with walnuts.

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