Find the Perfect Dallas Home Tour for Spring

Learn about the best Dallas home tours available to participate in this spring. Find out what home tours cater to your interests and preferences. Know what tours are combined with themed events and celebrations.

A great Dallas home tour is the bedrock of the avid architectural appreciation of North Texas residences. With so many tours available in the area, selecting the right journey through the best of Texas homes can depend on your interests, preferences, and desire to couple the tour with other activities. Below are some of the most unique house tours that Dallas has to offer. These treks through impressive abodes in the region ensure that you’ll want to stroll through these dwellings ’til the cows come home.

White Rock Home Tour

Aficionados of mid-century architecture and design will love the White Rock Home Tour, which takes place April 25–26. Mid-century modernism is on full display during this tour, which emphasizes the Texas-centric and often sought-after Ju-Nel design. A highlight of the tour includes introductions to homes that have been constructed out of homegrown materials, making it literally one of the best home tours that the land of Texas has to offer.

Mother’s Day Home Tour

Make it a weekend full of architectural appreciation, history lessons and unconditional love by taking part in the 42nd annual Swiss Avenue Historic District Mother’s Day Home Tour. Schedule a getaway on Mother’s Day Weekend, May 9–10, to take in a Dallas home tour featuring early 20th century homes with Revival architecture and other delights specifically designed to cater to sweet matriarchs. Arrive to the homes in style by hitching a ride with horse-drawn carriages or mini-coaches. An English Garden Tour, live entertainment, antique car show, and arts and crafts section make this tour a regal standout amongst the home tour circuit.

Fairmount Tour of Homes

In Forth Worth, Texas, the annual Fairmount Tour of Homes occurs in one of the biggest historic neighborhoods in the Southwest. Between May 9–10, the Fairmount Neighborhood Association invites non-residents to learn why this historic district prides itself on the conservation and display of its homes every year. With seven awe-inspiring properties billed for the tour, visitors are sure to be transported back in time and return to the present with a new respect for yesteryear.

Spring Modern Home Tour

On May 16, the Spring Modern Home Tour offers an opportunity to become acquainted with the Southern majesty of Dallas residential architecture. Talented, licensed architects created these showcased homes, which have also been featured in prominent media outlets. The wide array of styles and inclusion of luxury abodes make it one of the finest Dallas home tours open to the public. Though visitors are encouraged to explore the homes at their own pace, all participants must wear shoe covers to protect the integrity of the homes and their surfaces. Along with the modest admission fee, this extra precaution is a small price to pay for an open door to extravagance.

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