Finding a Great Post-Holiday Host and Hostess Gift: 3 Foolproof Ideas

Finding a host or hostess gift in the winter can be a lot of fun. You want to choose something that isn’t holiday-related but that somehow conveys the hopeful spirit of the time of year. If you’re stumped for ideas, check out some of these cool ideas.

Trying to find a great host or hostess gift for a post-holiday party? After all, there are plenty of parties that take place long after the tree’s come down and the last of the New Year’s confetti’s been dug out of the sofa. Winter is a popular party season because, thanks to the snow and cold, it just seems easier to head over to Whole Foods, pick up some porterhouse and quinoa, order in a few bottles of wine, and gather friends together for an evening of fun in your NYC apartment.

If you’ve been invited to a few dinner parties this winter and you’d like to show up with something a little more special than the usual bottle of vino, consider bringing gifts that celebrate or define the winter season. Here are some ideas to keep in mind when coming up with a host or hostess gift.

1. Deliver Candleholders and Vases

A candleholder would be an awesome gift for a host or hostess who uses a lot of candles during the winter. Stay simple: You want to choose a design that doesn’t clash with your hosts’ existing decor. A vase would be just as beautiful. Exotic colorful flowers in a simple vase speak to the hosts’ elegance and hospitality. Shops like Jamali Floral & Garden Supplies in the Flower District are great places to pick up unique vases and candleholders.

2. Bring Homemade Treats

There’s something about receving a fresh plate of chocolate chip cookies or a luscious cake that just makes a host or hostess feel appreciated. If you have the type of friend who likes to control every aspect of a dinner and would be offended if you show up with something you’ve, then forget it. But if you have a friend who’d appreciate a homemade touch, bring some incredible edibles.

3. Give the Gift of Herbs

In this Instagram culture, people are obsessed with food — be it the new avocado/egg/ramen thingie from the most recent of-the-moment brunch place or the latest Yummly recipes they’ve cooked themselves. If your hosts are similarly culinary-minded, consider giving them an herb garden. Herb gardens can be gifted in the form of kits, planters, or baskets. Awesome companies like The Tasteful Garden offer gifts like herb-growing kits that come with seeds, soil, and the pots to grow the plants in. The company also offers planters filled with herbs that are already growing and simply have to be maintained. This is the perfect gift for the foodie chef looking for the freshest cilantro or for the entertainer who simply likes to clip fresh mint for mojitos.

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