Finding a Roommate in Dallas-Fort Worth

Sometimes finding a roommate is as simple as checking out the bulletin boards at your favorite places, or asking for recommendations from acquaintances. You can also check out a few major roommate-finding websites to help you on your search.

In a metropolitan area of more than six million people, finding a roommate can seem daunting. However, careful research can help you find a roommate who is compatible with your personality and lifestyle, while also financially reliable. Having a roommate can significantly reduce costs related to rent and utilities, and if you find the right person, you could even make a good friend. Despite the many benefits of having a roommate, renters and homeowners seeking a roommate should carefully choose with whom they share a living space. Below are a few easy-to-use tips for finding a roommate in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Smart Online Searching

The dominant site for roommate-hunting is Craigslist. The Dallas-Fort Worth housing section helps users narrow down their search, so you can instantly start looking at listings by neighborhood or price range.

But Craigslist isn’t the only game in town. You can also look on Internet-based roommate-matching websites such as and Simply choose your region or city and set up an account to begin your search. It’s always advisable to carefully screen candidates, check for references, and meet in public places to maintain your safety when finding a roommate.

Private Student Housing Apartment Complexes

In DFW, private corporations and real estate investors have developed student and young adult housing in apartments where the renter can rent a bedroom with a private bath and share a communal living space and kitchen with up to four other roommates. Some of these complexes offer roommate-matching and placement services for you.

After a few questions about your preferences or administering a personality test, the leasing agents will work to place you in an apartment with like-minded and compatible people. For example, the Gateway at Denton is a student apartment community in Denton, a town just north of Dallas and Fort Worth and home to two of the Metroplex’s most popular universities, which offers individual leases along with roommate placement services. By leasing just a room, the renter is not responsible for roommates who move out or break their leases.

Bulletin Boards at Cafes, Coffee Shops, and Places of Worship

Sometimes finding a roommate is as simple as checking out the bulletin boards at your favorite places. From the local library to the family-owned coffee shop around the corner, bulletin boards may have posts for rooms available to rent and notes from people looking for roommates. If you attend a place of worship, you might be able to leverage your contacts there to meet a compatible roommate, too. Consider mentioning that you are looking for a roommate or place to live to your peers and acquaintances as well if you belong to any political, social, or hobby-based groups.

When you have a few good candidates, it’s a good practice to meet with them a couple times to make sure you’re compatible. Plan carefully, and you have a much better chance of finding a stress-free roommate to share your home.

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