Fort Worth Museum: Decorate Your Home with Gift Shop Souvenirs

Read on for insider information about the renowned Fort Worth Museum of History and Science along with easy-to-use tips for incorporating souvenirs from the museum’s gift shop into your home’s decor.

The Fort Worth Museum of Science and History is one of many museums in the town’s cultural district. Boasting a planetarium, a theater, a cafe, a gift shop, and itinerant exhibitions, the museum is a haven for the curious individual who simply wants to learn more about the world. The museum’s official souvenir shop, Shop Too!, boasts an array of trinkets, replicas, and books to serve as permanent mementos of a patron’s visit. Many Fort Worth Museum visitors decorate their homes with keepsakes and purchases from Shop Too!

About the Museum

From fossil exhibitions and learning stations dedicated to alternate energy sources to the housed Cattle Raisers Museum that pays homage to Fort Worth’s economic history, patrons can choose from a wide variety of events and activities that are sure to have something to please all personalities and interests.


Located at the front of the museum, you can enter the gift store even if you aren’t visiting the museum. With over 3,000 square feet of merchandise, there is something for everyone, including telescopes, robotic toys, model dinosaurs, fossil replicas, and handmade jewelry. Beautifully illustrated books and wall ornaments are also available. The bulk of the items available at the gift shop are related to the permanent historical and scientific exhibitions in the museum. Because prices vary, there are items for any size budget and any type of room.

Incorporating Souvenirs Into Your Home’s decor

If the Fort Worth Museum has you feeling inspired to bring a piece of its exhibit home, there are tasteful ways to incorporate your gift shop trinkets and treasures into your favorite rooms. For example, items that pique children’s interests are perfect for bedrooms and playrooms. Tastefully incorporating mementos from the Fort Worth Museum is simple if you can place items into a room without them appearing out of place. Decorating your home with gift shop items also makes for great conversations with guests.

Consider these tips:

  • Hang themed wall art and posters throughout your child’s favorite areas.
  • Bring curiosity and intrigue into your home office by purchasing a beautiful and functional telescope and placing it next to a window in your work space.
  • Place a few small trinkets and knickknacks on shelves, book cases, and tables.
  • Set an illustrated book from the gift shop on a coffee table in your living or sitting room.

If you are looking for home decor inspiration, the museum, its main attractions, and the store are open seven days a week except on major holidays.


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