Get Rid of Winter: Spring Cleaning Checklist

As the days get longer and the temperatures start to warm up, it’s time to welcome spring into your Philadelphia home. Give the last remains of winter a proper send-off by giving your home a good spring cleaning.

Although Philadelphia escaped the brunt of the terrible winter storms and weather this year, this past winter hasn’t been a picnic for most people. Now that spring is finally on its way, it’s time to say goodbye to all the bad memories of winter and hello to a fresh start. One way to banish winter is to start spring cleaning your house. Even if it’s still a bit chilly outdoors, you might find that giving your Philadelphia home a good scrubbing helps you feel better about the seasons to come.

Deep Clean

Dust tends to collect over the winter, especially in homes that have forced air heat. No matter the type of heating system your Philly home has, spring is the perfect time to deep clean areas you don’t really think about. Hire a professional carpet cleaner, such as Zakian Rugs, to remove any dirt that gets lodged in your carpets and can’t be picked up by a vacuum. Wax or reseal other types of flooring, such as hardwood and linoleum. When dusting, reach the areas you usually neglect, such as the high corners of the walls, the top of your kitchen cabinets, and the tops of door frames. Give your windows a good cleaning, both inside the house and outdoors, if possible.

Swap Out Your Linens

One of the quickest ways to refresh your home while spring cleaning is to change your linens. If you hung up heavy, thermal curtains to keep out winter’s chill, switch to lighter weight curtains that will let more sun shine in. Toss your winter curtains in the wash or bring them to the local cleaners before storing them away for the spring and summer.

Spruce up your bedroom by trading in your heavier comforter or quilt for a duvet or bedspread that really screams spring. You can find bedding in spring colors and patterns all over the city, including bargain priced options at Ikea in South Philadelphia, and a selection of duvets and sheets at West Elm. Spring is also a great time to remember to flip or rotate your mattress and to toss your pillows in the wash.

Get a New Scent

If your home has been cooped up all winter, so that the air has begun to smell a bit stale, spice things up a bit by finding a new scent to introduce to your space. Duross & Langel soap makers, located in Midtown Village, produces a number of Philly themed candles, with scents named for certain neighborhoods. Brighten up your home with Lemon Hill, which smells like lemon, or welcome in the first signs of spring with Fairmount Park, which smells like the great outdoors.

Out with the Old

Part of spring cleaning for many people is putting away their winter wear and bringing out their spring and summer clothing. As you swap out your closet, take the time to sort through and weed out any items you don’t like anymore or that you didn’t really wear last spring or summer. The start of the season is the perfect time to sort through your clothes for either donating or consigning. Most consignment stores will only buy in-season items, meaning they want your spring clothing now.

Once your home is clean, you can start thinking about ways to refresh your home. A new coat of paint on the front door might pep things up after the long winter, for example. With a clean and revitalized living space, you’ll be more than ready for spring.

Image Source: Flickr/storebukkebruse


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