Glass Bottle Crafts and Other DIY At-Home Recycling Projects

Before tossing wine bottles and jars in the recycling bin, consider one of the many ways they can be put to practical or decorative use when making glass bottle crafts and wine cork projects. Try some of these DIY projects with items you already have!

Before tossing glass bottles and jars in the recycling bin, consider one of the many ways they can be put to practical or decorative use around the home. By collecting and saving glass jars, wine corks, or plastic containers, you’ll have the base materials for a variety of at-home projects.

Nautical Crafts

Mason jars can be used to create beautiful nautical-themed glass bottle crafts. Keep your memories of summers at the Jersey Shore alive by bringing home sand and seashells. Leave the shells outside for a day or so to dry out or soak them in a mild bleach and water solution. Inside the jar, place a layer of sand and then layer the shells on top to preserve your own “beachfront property.” Or if you’re looking to create outdoor decor using glass jars, this easy nautical-themed lantern can be hung over a tree branch.

Storage Ideas

Leftover plastic containers make excellent storage items. Rather than sending plastic straight to your recycling bin, store art supplies, kids’ Legos or matchbox cars in large-sized containers from bulk food purchases. Glass jars can serve as decorative holders for cosmetics and beauty products in your bathroom. To add sparkle to the glass, apply a layer of Modge Podge and then roll the glass in glitter. To tint the glass jar, add a layer of Modge Podge sheer color.

Wine Bottle Crafts

You can also reuse old wine bottles to preserve photographic memories. Add your own printed labels or decorate the bottle with photos. Scrapbook paper or old wallpaper can also be used to decorate. To reuse the wine bottle, you’ll first need to soak it in water and loosen up the old label. Wash the bottle thoroughly inside and out. Next, select a new photo or photos and attach to the bottle using Modge Podge. Apply another thin layer of Modge Podge to seal and protect photos or paper for a long-lasting decoration.

Cork Crafts

In addition to glass bottle crafts, wine corks can also be put to creative use. Depending on how many corks and how much hot glue you have lying around, you can make a variety of functional and decorative items. Cut corks into smaller shapes to serve as wine glass charms. Corks can also be grouped together into shapes and patterns and re-used as coasters or hot plates to preserve your counter tops and tables. With a larger supply, you can create a front door decoration using a straw or Styrofoam base or by shaping the corks into a monogrammed letter. Collect enough corks, and you can fashion a bath mat or even a cork tabletop.

Recycling and reusing items around your home is a fun way to reduce waste and find new ways to decorate. Repurposing bottles, jars, and tins from locally made products are also a great way to display unique pieces of your city in your Philadelphia home.

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