The Ultimate Texas Decor to Dress Up Your Apartment

If you’re an apartment dweller, it’s easy to use Texas decor to add a pop of personality and state flair to your space. The key is to look for items with Texas style that you would buy anyway, such as pillows, wall art, and more. Read on for ideas!

Texas decor can make a big statement in apartments — even if your space is limited. You don’t need a sprawling ranch with cattle grazing out back to show your Texan pride. There are lots of creative options for apartment dwellers to incorporate Texas decor into their Metroplex-area homes.

And the best part? This decor moves with you. So wherever you go, you can easily add some Texas flair. Let’s look at a few interesting ideas below.

Wall Art

Texans know you can never go wrong with the rustic look and feel of wood. It just feels like home. Wooden signs are one of the most basic components of Texas decor — and there are so many options out there. You can go with a hand-painted wooden sign. Or if you already have enough wooden decor, you can complement your collection with mosaic art. Mosaic pieces are another creative, pretty way to dress up your walls with some red-white-and-blue Texas personality.

Key Rack

Every Texan needs a place to hang his or her keys, and a key rack is a convenient way to work in some Texas decor into an apartment. A Texas flag key rack is one easy way to kick up the Texas factor in an apartment.

Texas Wreath

There’s nothing more welcoming than a pretty wreath gracing a front door. You can opt for the rustic charm of a burlap wreath bedecked with bluebonnets, or go with something that showcases Texas’s state colors. Don’t want to hang your wreath outside? Display it inside your apartment. Here are some creative ways to hang a wreath indoors.

Burlap Throw Pillows

Pillows are a great way to punch up your apartment’s living room or bedroom with a true Texas vibe. If you’re going to decorate with some throw pillows, they might as well be ones that showcase your state pride. Pillows made from such a rustic material as burlap are especially Texas-y.

Apartment living doesn’t have to limit the kind of Texas decor you add to your collection. There are easy ways to add Texas flair to any room — no matter the size. Look for pieces that are either functional or attractive, and that you’ll be proud to display over the years. Every Texan should have a little bit of Texas in their home, and these are simple ways to dress up your apartment with some state flair.

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