Creative Home Decor: 5 Clever Ways to Use Everyday Items in Your Home

Creative home decor can be both beautiful and functional. Using everyday items in a clever way is also a budget-friendly method for sprucing up your Dallas-Fort Worth home. The options for repurposing common items are endless. Try these ideas!

Creative home decor can be both beautiful and functional. Using everyday items in a clever way is also a budget-friendly method for sprucing up your Dallas-Fort Worth home. Since our area is full of antique shops and thrift stores, the options for repurposing common items are endless. Here are some examples of using everyday items to decorate, de-clutter, and personalize your house.

Transform an Old Shutter Into an Organizer

Shutters aren’t just for the outside of your house — bring them inside and transform them into a new organizational station for your wall. To breathe new life into an old shutter, just add a fresh coat of paint, and you’ve got a new wall-hanging catchall. Consider painting the shutter a vibrant hue to add a pop of color to your kitchen, entryway, or home office. shows that a shutter can be used to hold and sort mail, hang keys (just attach some S-shaped hooks), and store greeting cards or party invitations with clothespins.

Suspend a Ladder to Hang Clothes

Is your closet lacking in space? Perhaps your laundry room doesn’t have a drying rack? An easy solution for more hanging space that provides a rustic, unique touch is to suspend a painted ladder from the ceiling. With four sturdy hooks and chain links, a suspended ladder could hold plenty of lightweight clothing items.

Repurpose Shower Tension Rods

The most common use for a tension rod is in a shower, but these rods can also be used in narrow closets and shelves for extra storage. Need more space for accessories like purses or ties? Just mount an everyday tension rod and some shower hooks, and you’ve got a new place to hang light items and reduce clutter in your home.

Organize Utensils and Office Supplies in Canning Jars

Canning jars, or mason jars, offer more than just a place to store homemade strawberry jam. These glass cans are great for home office and bathroom organization. You can use canning jars to sort markers, pens, and even makeup brushes. If you want to dress up this clever organization tool, consider tying ribbons around each jar, or tinting or spray-painting these jars in colors that complement your decor.

Reuse Old Bottles or Labeled Jars for Rustic Vases

An old wine bottle or a jar that formerly housed a kitchen item can be transformed into a vase with little effort. If you prefer these glass containers without a label, soak them in hot water or use nail polish remover to help peel off the labels. A bottle or jar could stand alone as a vase or you could use an assortment of shapes and sizes to create a decorative arrangement.

When you find ways to repurpose common items, the sky’s the limit with your creative home decor options. Not only can you make your home unique and personal, you can easily store items that are difficult to organize. For more inspiration, search online or purchase some of your favorite home and garden magazines.

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