Home Cleaning Tips for Busy New Yorkers

New Yorkers are always on the hunt for home cleaning tips that can help them keep their places spotless without cutting too much into their “me” times. Check out these tips for breaking up your cleaning regime so it’s manageable.

New Yorkers are constantly on the hunt for home cleaning tips that can help them keep their homes spotless in the least amount of time. One sure-fire way to do it is to break up the whole job into deep cleaning and every-day cleaning sections. Check out how below.

The Once-a-Week Deep Clean

Deep cleaning your home is the only way it’s going to feel fresh and clean down to the core. The areas of the home that will need to be deep cleaned include your bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, and closets. Pull up a calendar and set aside one deep cleaning day a week. So, this week’s deep clean can be your bedroom. Next week’s can be the bathroom. Plan for your deep-cleaning days: Add some flicks to your Netflix queue or hook up some Prince radio (OK, that’s just me) on Pandora or whatever music radio you listen to and bop to the beat as you clean away the filth. Trust us; it makes the day go faster, and it makes you work harder, like when you work out longer when you exercise to music.

Some once-a-week home cleaning tips:

  • When you’re cleaning your bedroom, wash your sheets and blankets, and air out your mattresses. Vacuum every bit of flooring, washing it during each deep clean session if it’s a hard surface like wood. If you have carpet and you can’t clean it yourself, have it professionally cleaned.
  • When deep cleaning your kitchen, empty out the fridge, throwing away all food past its expiration date. Wash the fridge down with food-safe cleaners. Scrub every part of the sink until it sparkles, including the basin, the faucet, and the area behind the faucet. Empty out your cabinets, washing down the surfaces and organizing them by products. Keep the items you use the most often within easy reach so that you don’t need to rummage through — and mess up — your cabinets looking for them when you’re cooking.
  • When deep cleaning your closets, make sure that everything that needs to be hung up is actually hung up. Buy sturdy hangers so that everything can be hung neatly and cleanly. This will also help keep your clothes neat, reducing prep time in the morning as you get ready to head out for the day. Find a shoe organization system that works for you and that’s easy to maintain.

The Every-Day Clean

Your every-day clean is your “maintenance” clean. Once you’ve deep cleaned every room in your home, cleaning these rooms every day is a cinch, and shouldn’t take more than a few minutes. Grab your Method cleaners, your Clorox wipes, or your favorite cleaner and wipe down the visible surfaces in your kitchen and bath. Wash off the top of the stove and countertops, and wipe down your cabinet doors. Rinse out the tub after every use. You think these things will take a lot of time, but they really only take minutes, especially if you stick to your deep-clean schedule.

Hire a Cleaning Service for the Deep Clean

If you don’t have time to do the deep clean, or you’d like your entire place deep cleaned in one day, hire a cleaning service. NYC is filled with awesome cleaning services that will come into your space and wick out every bit of dirt and grime. Prices range depending on the type of cleaning you want done and the size of your home. Joanna Cleaning Service, Maid Marines, and Klean Freaks NYC are just some of the super-popular cleaning services that can help you get a running head start on your deep cleaning.

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