Home Showings: 9 Common Things Sellers Overlook


First impressions matter when you’re trying to sell your home, so you need to make sure your showings start off on the right foot. Here are nine things that homeowners tend to overlook when getting their homes ready for prospective buyers.


If you’re selling your home, you should never underestimate the importance of a showing. Showings are an opportunity to sell your home, and if you want to make a great first impression, it’s crucial that you take them seriously by preparing for each and every one.

Most people try to make sure that their homes are neat and tidy before anyone sets foot inside, but there are many things that sellers tend to overlook that buyers notice immediately. Here are nine things you shouldn’t forget to do when getting ready to show your home to new people.

  1. Clean the threshold. Don’t forget to thoroughly remove all dirt, dust, and debris from the entryway of your home. Buyers are going to look closer than you think, and they will see any spots that you missed. If your threshold is dirty, it has the potential to make buyers think that the rest of your home is dirty, too.
  2. Clean or paint your doors. After several years of continuous use, doors can (and will) become dirty, faded, or chipped. Take an extra minute to wash down the doors or consider repainting them before you list your home. A new coat of paint can make an old door look brand new.
  3. Check for spider webs. Check every corner in your home for spider webs and dust that has accumulated on them. Sometimes homeowners only pay attention to the entryway corners, but buyers look at everything.
  4. Wipe off your light plates. Every time you turn a light on or off in your home, you add a bit of grease and dirt to the light plate. After a while, that dirt can build up and become visible. You might not notice it, but people who are unfamiliar with a surface are more likely to give it a second glance before touching it.
  5. Don’t neglect curb appeal. Good curb appeal is crucial to any listing, but sometimes people think it’s better to focus only on the interior of the home. Studies have shown that curb appeal can boost a home’s value by 12 percent, so do not ignore it. The exterior will give buyers a first impression of your home, and it does matter.
  6. Replace burned out light bulbs. There’s a high chance that buyers will try every light switch they come across. While a burned out bulb doesn’t seem like a huge problem, it could limit the amount of light in a room, which can make the space seem smaller.
  7. Pay attention to odd smells. You might be accustomed to your home’s odors, but buyers will not be. A light air freshener or an open window can go a long way. Store old shoes, take out the trash, and get rid of anything else that could potentially give off a smell.
  8. Wash your windows. There might be more dirt on your windows than you realize, which impacts the amount of natural light that can get in. More light tends to make rooms look bigger, so give your windows a good scrubbing.
  9. Make sure that your doorbell works. A doorbell can be a hassle to replace, and if a buyer starts the showing thinking about things they’re going to have to repair, they’re more likely to view the home in a negative light.

The easiest way to catch anything you might miss during showings is to ask a friend or family member to do an unbiased walk-through of your home. Ask them to write down any things that they notice, and then review that list after they’ve seen everything. Fresh eyes can make a huge difference.


Tamara Oakley is a hardworking real estate professional based in the Columbus, Ohio area. As a top Listing and Selling Agent at Coldwell Banker King Thompson and a 2015 recipient of the Columbus REALTORS®’ Twenty-Five Million Dollar Club Award, Tamara understands the importance of staying knowledgeable and informed about the ever-changing climate of real estate.

She is committed to continuous growth and stays up-to-date with real estate trends and new information so that she can provide superior service to her clients. That, in combination with her local expertise, have allowed her to become the highly-skilled agent that she is today. www.tamaraoakley.com

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