The Best Entryway Decor Ideas


Are you lucky enough to have an entryway? Make the most of it with our entryway decor ideas! From color ideas to tips for organizing your stuff to lighting to accessories you need, you’ll find all the tips you need.


Are you lucky enough to have an entryway in your NYC apartment? Make the most of it with our entryway decor ideas!

Clear the Clutter

The first thing you see upon returning home after a long day shouldn’t be clutter.

The simple act of decluttering will make a big impact in such a small space. Spend some time going through your belongings and get rid of anything that doesn’t fit, belongs in another room, or just isn’t needed. Then find a home for anything that needs to stay.

Entryway Decor

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Welcome Guests with a Pop of Color

Entryway decor should make a statement about your NYC home, so welcome your guests with a pop of color! Whether your style is classic or modern, color is a great way to let your personality shine through in your decor. Since the entryway is a small space, you can experiment with colors you may be afraid to use elsewhere like bold red, vibrant blues, or pale pinks.

Colorful wallpaper is a fun choice for such a small space, too. If you’re not a wallpaper fan, then why not choose a new paint color?

Do you prefer more neutral decor? Then bring in touches of color with accessories instead.

Entryway Decor: Red Paint

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Add Function

Functionality is an important decision when decorating an entryway. If you have space add a table to hold a bag. Top the table with small bowls to catch keys and other items.

A chair or stool where you can set things or put on shoes is a must in an entryway. Choose a petite design if space is an issue.

Hooks are a great way to add function to your entry. Find a hook that matches your decor style, then hang one for each member of your family.

Finally, add a shoe rack or boot tray to hold shoes. You’ll never trip over a pair again!

Bring in a Mirror

Mirrors are a natural choice for entryways. A stylish mirror reflects light, making your space feel bigger. Plus, it provides a place to check your smile before heading out into the world!

Choose a mirror with a striking design. We especially love starburst mirrors or floor length styles, if you have the room.

Let There Be Light

If you entryway doesn’t have direct access to light, it can feel dark and dingy. Brighten things up with a beautiful light. Sconces are an excellent choice in a tight space, as are overhead lights.

Does your entryway have a table? Top it with a small lamp for added style and function.

Don’t Forget Accessories

Add a little fun to your entryway decor with accessories.

Protect your floors and define your space with a stylish rug. Set a luxurious tone for your whole apartment with beautiful art. Display pretty dishes to hold the random items that pop up in entryways. Brighten up a plain chair with a pretty pillow.

Entryway Decor: Accessories

Image Source: Flickr/lisaclarke

Main Image Source: Flickr/Emily May


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