5 Reasons Why New Wallpaper Beats Paint

If you’re planning on redecorating your home, take a minute to consider wallpaper, instead of or in addition to paint. While wallpaper might have a reputation for being difficult, modern versions of it are nothing like the wallpaper of the past.

When you think of wallpaper, one of the things that might pop into your mind is an image of floral walls from your grandmother’s old house. Or, if you’ve been looking at Philadelphia homes for sale, you might immediately think back to the house you looked at that had painted over wallpaper. While it might have received a bad reputation in the past for being dated, difficult, or just plain ugly, new wallpaper options give you a way to modernize your home without too much fuss. Unless you’re stuck on paint, there are several reasons wallpaper is worth considering.

More Options

New wallpaper gives you more choices than ever before. You can still find the floral patterns that were popular once upon a time, as well as more subtle modern prints. Textured paper can add a bit of dimension to the walls of a room, while metallic paper can help catch the light and make a space feel bigger. If you decide to decorate with paint, you are typically limited to solid colors, unless you decide to paint a mural on your walls.

Paintable wallpaper is another option available today. It is typically textured paper that you can paint to add more color to a room, or leave plain, if you prefer.

Conceals Blemishes

Wallpaper is typically better able to cover up blemishes or problems in a wall better than paint. For example, if a wall has a large crack in it, it is often easier to conceal with wallpaper than it is with paint. To cover a large crack with paint, you’d have to first spackle it, sand it down, spackle again, sand again, and then paint. With wallpaper, all you’d need to do to cover up a large blemish is put the wallpaper up.


While it’s true that some rooms of the house might not be ideal for wallpaper, such as the bathroom or kitchen, where humidity and heat can cause the adhesive or paste to melt, it’s a durable option for most other rooms. Wallpaper comes in a variety of styles these days, from washable paper that you can wipe clean to scrubbable paper, which can withstand vigorous cleaning with a brush and soap.

Easy to Change

Wallpaper has come a long way when it comes to adhesives. Today’s papers are easier to apply and remove than ever. Some types are peel-and-stick, meaning that they have an adhesive on them, along with a paper backing. To apply, you remove the backing and smooth the paper on to the wall. Peel and stick wallpaper tends to be easily removable, too, making it a suitable option for renters or for people who don’t want to permanently change the walls in their home.

Another modern option is prepasted wallpaper. Meant to be a permanent type of wallpaper, this option has paste on the back. To apply it to the wall, you wet the glue, then slowly unroll and smooth the paper into place.

Adds an Accent

Don’t think that you are stuck wallpapering an entire room. If you want to try experimenting with it, but don’t want to cover all four walls in a pattern, wallpaper makes a great option for an accent wall. Using it as an accent means you can try a large scale print or pattern or a bold color, without having it will overwhelm the room.

If you want to add a bit of visual interest when redecorating your home, take a look at the wallpaper options available today. You might find that you love varieties out there much more than paint.

Image Source: Pixabay/4Owen


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