Decorating a Dining Room: 5 Ways to Make an Impression

Decorating a dining room may seem cumbersome. If you are feeling overwhelmed by the design process or want to liven up your space, following are five ways that make an impression when decorating a dining room.

Decorating a dining room may seem cumbersome. After all, it’s a room with a specific purpose that contains specific furniture. If you are feeling overwhelmed by the design process or want to liven up your space, following are five ways that make an impression when decorating your DFW dining room.

1. Update Light Fixtures

Perhaps your dining room’s light fixtures are dated brass chandeliers. Swapping out lighting can make a world of difference in the room’s appearance. recommends adding modern flare to your dining room with light fixtures that draw from industrial influences. If you need more light in your dining room, another easy fix is to add matching lamps. Narrow buffet tables that rest against a wall are perfect places to plug in lamps for soft and stylish illumination.

2. Paint the Walls

When personalizing and livening up any space, painting walls is almost always a cost-effective and transformative option. The trick to painting, however, is to choose the color carefully. Be sure to bring paint swatches or samples home and compare how they look in different lighting. Southern Living suggests a bold splash of color that complements existing furniture. If you decide to choose a bold color for the walls, you might want to avoid highly textured and patterned furniture as it can make a room appear “too busy.”

3. Go Casual

If formal, four-course dinner parties are not your style, a casual dining room look might speak to you. If you prefer a low-key yet inviting space for family chats and game nights, consider mixing different chairs with a long table. House Beautiful advises mixing metal and upholstered chairs with a reclaimed wooden table to create an effortless and inviting vibe.

4. Make Floral Arrangements and Plants into a Centerpiece

If you like fresh flowers or plants, your dining room table is a great place for adding natural elements into your DFW home. You can opt for a seasonal bouquet of your favorite colors or, as recommends, low-maintenance houseplants like succulents make for great centerpieces that last all year long.

5. Incorporate Family Heirlooms

Since the dining room centers on family and close friends, what better place to put pieces that have been passed down through generations. Whether it is a beautiful antique water pitcher or a portrait of an ancestor, incorporating family history into decorating a dining room can add a personalized feel to the space.

These tips are an easy way to get started on your design project. For more inspiration, search the web for ideas or browse through your favorite home and garden magazines.

Image Source: Flickr/Tony Monblat


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