How to Install Landscape Lighting in Seven Simple Steps


Landscape lighting can have a big impact on your home’s nighttime curb appeal. But aesthetics aren’t the only reason to install landscape lights around your property. Read this blog for a seven-step guide to beautiful exterior lighting.


You’ve likely seen homes in the DFW area with landscape lighting. This type of lighting has a transformative effect on the home and its surroundings, beautifully highlighting trees, shrubs, pathways, statues, and water features.

There are many reasons Metroplex homeowners opt for exterior lighting: aesthetics, safety, and security — just to name a few.

Whether you’re putting your home on the market and you want to enhance your nighttime curb appeal, or you just want to add some illuminative charm, read on for a simple step-by-step guide to installing landscape lights.

1. Select the type of outdoor lighting you want.

There are three main types of landscape lighting: solar-powered (requires no wiring), low-voltage (operates at 12 volts and is easy to install), and line voltage (must be hardwired to your electrical system). If you opt for the third type — line voltage — you may want to consult with an electrician.

2. Determine the location of your fixture.

Do you want landscape lights around your pool? Garden? Walkway? For an idea as to how your DFW home would look, check out this landscape lighting software. It’s also helpful to learn how to strike a balance between lighting your home and lighting the landscape.

3. Install the light switch box.

Carefully cut a hole in the drywall for your light switch. Ideally, you’ll place it between two studs about 60 inches above the floor.

4. Grab a shovel.

The next step is to dig a trench about 18 inches deep for the cable that will carry power to your exterior lighting.

5. Run the cable.

Be careful when running the cable — you don’t want to tear the sheathing or get it tangled. Leave about six inches of cable hanging from the box.

6. Wire the light fixture and switch.

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to wire and mount your new lighting fixtures.

7. Get it inspected.

After you’ve turned on the power and tested your landscape lighting, it’s time to schedule a wiring inspection with an electrical inspector. Click here to search for an inspector in the Dallas area.

Landscape lighting is both practical and appealing, and it can immediately enhance the nighttime look of your home. You can get an idea of the dramatic difference in this day-to-night transformation video from Dallas Landscape Lighting. When you want to transform an ordinary yard into a work of art, sometimes all you need are a few well-thought-out and smartly placed landscape lights.

Image Source: Flickr/Josué Goge


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