How to Prepare Your Rental House for Summer Renters

Are you considering renting out your home this summer? It’s a great way to make extra money, especially if you will be away. Follow our tips, and your rental house will be ready for your first guests in no time!

Are you considering renting out your NYC home this summer? It’s a great way to make extra money, especially if you will be away.
Follow these tips and your rental house will be ready for your first guests in no time!

Inspect Your Systems

The first step is making sure your systems are in working order. Hire someone to inspect your air conditioning, electrical, and plumbing. Address any issues before your first guests arrive. If you feel qualified you can do this yourself, of course.

You’ll also want to fix anything that presents a hazard to renters, such as hanging wires, loose steps, or slippery surfaces.

Preparing Your Rental House: Inspect Your Systems

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Clean and Declutter

Renters will expect your rental house to be in perfect order, so clean it top to bottom. Unless you are planning to do the cleaning yourself, you’ll want to hire a reputable cleaning service. Choose someone who can clean your home in between guests and is available should a need arise during the guests’ stay.

This is also the perfect time to declutter. Those little piles of stuff you live with every day will stick out like a sore thumb to renters! Go through each room of your home with a bag or basket and fill it up. You’ll want to keep tchotckes to a minimum and leave plenty of bare surfaces.

Stash Valuables and Personal Items

Next, you’ll want to remove everything from your home that’s valuable or has personal meaning to you. Gather your keepsakes, jewelry, paperwork, passports, and other documents. Store these items in a locked room, closet, or storage unit that your guests cannot access.

Of course, an unscrupulous renter may find a way to access a locked room or closet. Protect yourself by storing anything irreplaceable or very valuable in a safe deposit box.

Preparing a Rental House: Storing Valuables

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Reroute Incoming Mail and Packages

You’ll also want to reroute any mail or packages that may arrive during your guests’ stay. If you have a locking mailbox, arrange to have someone pick up your mail or do it yourself. If that is not an option, have the post office hold all mail and incoming packages.

Enhance Your Renter’s Stay

There are a number of things you can do to enhance your renter’s stay. Start by creating a guest binder and make sure to place it somewhere easy to find. Sharing important information about your rental house and the local area will help minimize unnecessary contact between you and your renters.

You’ll want to list contact information for you or your house manager, as well as numbers for local emergency services. Add a section with your favorite restaurants, services, and attractions, as well as maps. The binder should also tell your guests where to find the iron and other conveniences, how to access WiFi, and instructions for operating all appliances and remotes. Don’t forget a section with house rules regarding smoking, parties, pets, and anything else that’s important to you.

Next, consider items that will make your renter’s stay more comfortable, such as access to a hair dryer or extra linens and towels. In the kitchen, provide the basics for cooking a simple meal (pots and pans, dishes, spices, salt, coffee, tea, etc.). You may also want to provide a few leisure time activities, such as games and DVDs.

If you aren’t providing something your guests may expect, such as sheets and towels, make sure they know that in advance.

Preparing Your Rental House: Linens and Towels

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With our tips and a little preparation your rental house will be booked all summer long!

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