Inspiring Mantel Decor Ideas for Spring

A great way to ring in spring in the home is by refreshing your mantel decor. Winter’s bold hues are replaced by lighter shades. Check out this blog post for some ideas on how to use springtime’s colors and themes to freshen up your fireplace mantel.

One of the best ways to ring in spring in your Dallas home is with mantel decor that’s refreshed and new. The fireplace mantel can be an impressive focal point, and when dressed up for springtime, it revitalizes the entire room. Read on for some simple, creative ideas to take your mantel from winter to spring.


When you think of a color palette for spring, think pastels. You know the ones: pale pink, baby blue, canary yellow, soft green, etc. These light, pretty shades will make your mantel pop. Look for decorative items like vases, picture frames, or even little ceramic bunnies or eggs to bring a touch of springtime to your mantel.

Florals and Greenery

Spring is a time of growth and rebirth. Incorporate this theme into your mantel decor with vibrant flowers or lush foliage. Position mason jars filled with brightly colored tulips or delicate baby’s breath on both ends of your mantel. Then complete the look with ivy, moss, or other greenery.

Banner, Bunting, or Garland

A simple way to add a touch of spring to your mantel decor is with something you can hang easily without much fuss. Look for a banner or bunting to announce spring’s arrival (here’s a shabby chic idea to coordinate with most decor), or opt for a playful pom pom garland in pastel colors.

Springtime Wreath

A wreath is a beautiful way to transition into a new season and breathe some fresh air into your mantel decor. So what makes a wreath fit for spring? Look for one with pastel accents or one that incorporates pretty flowers like tulips, hydrangeas, or peonies.

Serene Details

Your mantel decor doesn’t need to be over the top or bursting with blooms like you’d find at the Dallas Arboretum if that’s not your style. You can subtly call attention to the season with simple additions such as apothecary jars filled with pastel eggs, topiary trees, or even a rustic white birdcage. By adding one or two of these decor ideas, you’re giving your mantel a fresh, albeit subtle, update for spring.

When decorating your mantel for spring, aim to bring a touch of nature to your hearth — whether it’s with some pretty flowers or simply the colors you’d find in a springtime garden. While bold, rich hues dominated winter decor, springtime is all about keeping things light and fresh. Click through this gallery to browse thousands of spring mantel decor ideas.

Image Source: Flickr/ruby fenn


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