Interested in Baton Rouge Living? Here are Tips on Selecting Your Home

Relocating to Baton Rouge? Interested in Baton Rouge living? The Greater Baton Rouge area is very large, spread out, and is rich in diversity, culture, and traditions. Here are some tips on choosing the location of your Baton Rouge home location.

Baton Rouge living can be a very rewarding experience. Since the Greater Baton Rouge area is very large, spread out, and is rich in diversity, culture, and traditions, it all could be confusing for someone considering relocating to the area. You have Baker and Zachary to the north and Prairieville, Gonzales, and Denham Springs to the east, which make up the most popular choices for people considering living here. If you are thinking about the City of Baton Rouge, there are many choices there as well, such as the Garden District, Southdowns, Spanish Town, Kenilworth, and too many others to list. So, you have to narrow down where you want to look for houses, or you will wear your real estate agent out!


If you are interested in schools, you have some very good ones to choose from, both public and private in the Baton Rouge area. If you are interested in private schools, you can’t go wrong with schools like Episcopal, Catholic, St Joseph’s, and Dunham. If public schools are more to your liking, you have some very good choices on the outskirts of Baton Rouge in Zachary and Baker. In Ascension Parish (we call our counties parishes here, more Louisiana flavor), right next door you have some good options as well to choose from. In the city of Baton Rouge, the public schools are still improving, but there are many fine options in the magnet school program.


If you haven’t been able to choose yet, maybe taking a look at what you like to do for fun could help. Day trips to New Orleans? Consider Prairieville and Gonzales, they both have great access to I-10 and are less than an hour to New Orleans. Perfect for making day trips to the French Quarter or the Mercedes-Benz Superdome to catch a New Orleans Saints game. Do you like hunting and fishing? Well, that may not narrow it down very much because great hunting and fishing are not very far away from the area in any direction. If you like plantation home tours, perhaps you would like St. Francisville to the northeast.


Baton Rouge is a football town. Our love for the LSU Tigers runs deep, and the only other sports team that even comes close in terms of fan following is the New Orleans Saints. All roads lead to Baton Rouge during football season so it doesn’t really matter where you live; most people will find themselves glued to a TV or there in person whenever the Tigers play. One piece of advice if you are a newcomer: Get used to wearing the LSU colors of purple and gold. (Yes, I know it’s really yellow, shhh!) Between Tiger Mania and The Tiger District, you should be able to get up to speed pretty quickly. Don’t fight it, you’ll be much happier if you just embrace it.


Do you like eating great food? That’s an easy one, you can live anywhere and have access to great food. There are so many options, and there’s no way to mention all of them without leaving some really good ones out so I’ll let Trip Advisor settle it.

Hopefully this has helped you to narrow down your choices about where to buy a home in the Baton Rouge area. (Your real estate agent will thank you.) If you would like to get a head start on your Baton Rouge living experience, start your search online at Coldwell Banker One.


Scott is a real estate professional working in the Greater Baton Rouge metropolitan area in Louisiana with six years of experience in helping his clients achieve their real estate goals. Utilizing knowledge gained from his background in marketing, advertising and project management, he enjoys working with investors, first time buyers and those wishing to sell those “difficult to sell” properties. Scott’s interests include technology and current events and how they affect real estate. When he’s not working, he enjoys rooting for the LSU Tigers and playing tennis. For more information on Scott, please visit and his Wordpress Blog at

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