Kris Bryant: The King of the North Side

Chicago Cubs rookie phenom Kris Bryant shows why he always feels safe at home with the North Siders.

In the previous video in the 2015 Homefield Advantage Video series, we hung out with veteran Washington Nationals center fielder, Denard Span. This week, one of the most exciting young prospects to debut in the last couple of years – Kris Bryant – invites us into his downtown Chicago home.

The super-hyped Chicago Cubs third baseman heard a few murmurings from the peanut gallery through his first 20 games in the big leagues due to the fact that he did not yet hit his first major league home run. However, after going yard for the first time on May 9th broke the dam – and his team hilariously pranked the rookie – Bryant has been on an absolute tear. Now, after hitting four home runs in a seven day period in the middle of May and leading the Cubs in RBI, all of that hype is being made tangible.

Many people can forget that behind his 6’5”, 215 pound frame, Kris Bryant is just twenty-three years old. As a twenty-three year old myself – and someone of similar stature (if you inverse it to 5’6”) and athletic ability (2009 Livingston High School Intramural Badminton champion) – I admire how the rookie is handling his transition moving into a big city for the first time. Living in the downtown Chicago area that is immersed in Cubs culture has made the Las Vegas native’s shift to big city life all the easier. It also doesn’t hurt to have teammates like Starlin Castro always there to back him up.

Home gives Kris Bryant the ability to slip away from the world for a little bit and reflect on the sacrifices his parents made to help him get to where he is today. Bryant leaves us by showing off some of his newest prized possessions: the first home run ball of his career, his first home run ball in Wrigley field and a coffee table decoration that would give Cosmo Kramer a run for his money.  Something tells me by the end of his career, Bryant will need a little more space for all the additional trophies he will have collected.

Take a look at the video above to find out what graces Kris Bryant’s coffee table and much more.  To see more videos and take tours inside the homes of Major League Baseball’s biggest stars, click the link here!



Header image via Chicago Sun-Times.

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  1. Jessamine
    September 11, 2015

    DeGrohn? Really? Who wrote that? Jacob DeGROM. I mean, I love Kris Bryant, but for real that’s a fail.

    • Russ
      June 29, 2016

      And the the date of his first home run, on the same post-it note, is off by a day too. He actually hit it on 5/9/2015!


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