Lighting Fixtures for Home to Make Your Space More Cozy

Let there be light. A well-lit space does more than make it easier to see things and minimize the risk of eyestrain. How you light your home in Philadelphia can also reflect how comfortable you feel in it. Let light reflect your design tastes, as well.

Philadelphia is a city known for its lighting. From the lit-up houses along Boathouse Row to the dazzling display on the Cira Centre, Philly knows how to impress when it comes to light. The same can be true for your Philadelphia home. Lighting fixtures for home can make or break your overall design, making your space feel homey and inviting or cold and sterile. If you want to make your home more cozy, here are a few ways to do it with light.

Go for Warm Bulbs

One of the quickest ways to improve the lighting in your Philadelphia home is to swap out your cool light bulbs for warm light bulbs. Generally, a warm bulb will cast a light that is slightly yellow, while a cool bulb produces light that is blue. Although it can be a matter of preference, people tend to find that the yellowish light cast by warm bulbs is more inviting and cozy that the brighter, bluer light associated with cool bulbs.

Have Multiple Sources of Light

Having multiple lighting fixtures for home can be the difference between a space that is inviting and a space that is poorly or overly lit. Generally, you want to have a variety of fixtures, for a variety of functions. The overhead lights in a room, such as the recessed lighting, track lighting, or a chandelier, provide a general source of light. If your home happens to have large windows, you might also get plenty of general light from them during the day, without having to switch on any lamps.

Table lamps and wall sconces can provide mood lighting for your space. When you’re having guests over for a quiet dinner or a movie night, using mood lighting as your main source of light can help you create a cozy atmosphere. If you use both general and mood lighting for such events, the room might feel over lit. But, when you have a large party, such as an open house or holiday party, you might want to use both types.

The third type of lighting fixture for home worth considering is task lighting. You might have a lamp that extends over your couch, so that you can read easily or a lamp on your nightstand, so you can read in bed. A light over your kitchen work space or a desk lamp are two more examples of task lighting. They might not add to the atmosphere of your home, but they help you avoid eyestrain when working on projects.

Make a Statement with Light

The lighting fixtures you choose can work with your home decor, not only as sources of light, but also as statement pieces. For example, if you want something eye-catching in the living room, you can find a vintage table lamp with a Tiffany shade or a lamp made out of marble. A swooping floor lamp that hangs over chairs or a couch can also make a statement in the living room. A gorgeous chandelier can be the heart of your dining room. It doesn’t have to be made of crystal to be impressive. You can also find statement fixtures made of Edison bulbs and mason jars.

When improving the lighting in your home, it can be helpful to visit a lighting showroom to see what’s on offer. Big box home improvement stores offer a large selection, but locally owned shops, such as Arch Street Lighting and Ciro Lighting can provide a more customized and personal experience.

Image Source: Flickr/Riley Kaminer


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