Moving List: Prioritizing the Unpacking Process

Moving can be both exciting and daunting. Making a moving list, where you prioritize your tasks and which items take precedence over others in the unpacking process can help simplify your transition into a new home.

Moving can be both exciting and daunting. Even if you’ve found the perfect place to live, in the right DFW location, you still might be dreading the labor-intensive moving process. Making a moving list, where you prioritize your tasks and which items take precedence over others in the unpacking process can help simplify your transition into a new home.

Clean Your New Home Before You Move In

Cleaning is definitely a must have on your moving list. Your house or apartment may need cleaning before you move in — especially the kitchen and bathrooms. Lowe’s recommends blocking out a chunk of time to clean the most important areas before you move in boxes and furniture. Cleaning is much easier without bulky items obstructing your path.

Move Largest and Most Necessary Items At the Beginning of the Day

Bulky yet important items like beds, sofas, and dining room furniture should be moved into your new place first. Additionally, moving heavy items at the beginning of moving day, while you’re still energetic, can make things much easier. After a long day of hauling heavy items and walking to and from the moving truck, you will definitely want to plop down on your sofa or bed. Not only will you need a place to sit and sleep, moving furniture is much easier when stacks of boxes are not in the way.

Pack Clothing and Toiletries in a Suitcase

When making your moving list, Buzzfeed suggests planning a few days of outfits ahead of time and placing them in a suitcase. This will give you time to unpack all your clothing at your leisure. You will also want to pack toiletries like razors, shampoo, and oral hygiene tools since these items are used daily. If you take medication on a regular basis, pack that in your suitcase as well.

Utilize Clear Plastic Bins for Essential Items

While the standard cardboard box is used for most items, clear bins come in handy when you need easy access to everyday essentials. Clear plastic bins are easy to carry and allow you to see the contents of the box immediately. See through bins are great for packing toilet paper, paper towels, cleaning liquids, bed linens, and towels.

Number Boxes to Be Unpacked First

A moving list priority should include a good labeling system for boxes. Whether you want to use a color-coordinated system for each room or abbreviations, consistency is important — especially if you will enlist the help of family and friends. On top of designating boxes for each room, prioritize boxes to be unpacked first by numbering them. For instance, boxes numbered one through three would take priority over boxes with a higher number or no number at all.

Moving may seem like a never ending undertaking but having a moving list where you can check off items and tasks can serve as a benchmark for progress. If you need more tips or organization inspiration, browse the Internet for more clever ideas.


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  1. Shawn
    February 15, 2017

    Your tip about cleaning the new house first was my favourite! Once you start to move in, when you have the boxes all around, its really difficult to thoroughly clean the entire house again.


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