New York City Inspirational Decor

Living in New York City is a wonderful thing, so why not bring inspiration from the city into your home’s interior design scheme? Here are some tips for finding inspirational decor that celebrates Manhattan and gives your home a unique look.

Living in New York City is a wonderful thing, so why not bring inspiration from the city into your home’s interior design scheme? Inspirational decor that celebrates New York City will give your home a unique look and remind you of the city outside your window, even when you’re staying in.

Curate Your Own Gallery

There are many ways to bring a piece of NYC into your home. For example, visiting the city’s world-class museums is a quintessential New York experience, and part of the fun is seeing what great items you can find in the museum gift shops! Museum gift shops are often filled with decor pieces that represent New York City in some way. The Metropolitan Museum of Art gift shop offers a plethora of art prints, and more modern inspirational decor pieces abound at the Museum of Modern Art store.

Bring Manhattan into your space with art prints of the Manhattan skyline, city maps (vintage or modern), or just any piece of art that represents the city. Artist Jessica Durrant creates lovely watercolor Manhattan skyline prints. If you search “Manhattan maps” on Etsy, you’ll find many great-looking options suitable for framing.

Take a Walk for Inspiration

You can also find inspirational decor just by wandering around New York City. Going for a stroll and taking in the sights and sounds of the city might spark an idea for your interior design. Often, the store windows along Madison and Fifth Avenues are like art installations themselves, which can give you plenty of design inspiration.

If you take a walk around Manhattan, you’re guaranteed to run into street vendors selling art prints, many of which are very representative of New York City. For example, there are vendors who sell art prints of vintage magazine covers (such as Time or the New Yorker) featuring something having to do with the city. These can be used to build a little gallery wall of New York City inspirational decor in your home, and when you look at it, you’ll be reminded of the part of the city in which you found it.

Go Vintage for Unique Pieces

Another way to bring New York City into your home is to visit the city’s flea markets, where you’re likely to discover one-of-a-kind vintage pieces that pay tribute to NYC. On the weekends, you can find some wonderful large markets, like Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market and the Antiques Garage.

Overall, the best way to bring New York City inspiration into your home is to get out, explore your surroundings, and see what inspires you. Take what you love from the city and bring it into your abode.


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