Fab New York Mets Decor Ideas

New York mets fans are passionate about their team, and that passion often extends to their home decor. You can either go all out with your Mets decor choices, or you can be a lot more subtle. Here are tips for both approaches.

There’s nothing New York Mets fans love more than showing off their love for their team. Winning season or losing streak, Mets fans can be counted on to don the orange and blue with pride. Many Mets fans would argue that you’re not a true New Yorker unless you root for the Mets. It’s not hard to spot rabid Mets fans: They can sing the words to “Meet the Mets” in their sleep. Their cars have Mets seat covers on the inside and Mets flags on the outside. Their children sleep peacefully at night swaddled in little Mets rompers while clutching Mets teddy bears. And their homes are often decorated ceiling to floor with Mets decor.

But there are many ways to decorate a home in a way that pays homage to your favorite sports teams — you can go all out, or you can go with a more restrained and subtle approach.

The Mets Minimalist

Believe it or not, there are avid Mets fans who hold their passion for the team close to the chest. They love the team as much as any other fan, but they’re not about to go and paint their kitchens orange and blue to prove it. Instead, these fans might opt for a more minimalist approach. Some design options for these fans could include the following:

  • Vintage Mets newspaper clippings framed in gorgeous glass frames could make an elegant statement. Gorgeous framed photographs of Shea Stadium would make a beautiful backdrop for a contemporary space. Signed baseballs arranged in a glass art case are another subtle yet beautiful look.
  • A specially designated part of your home dedicated to celebrating the New York Mets is a good option if not everyone in your household shares that same passion. If you’re lucky enough to have an extra room or spare office in your home, you can hang up all your Mets accessories in there. If there’s no extra room, you can dedicate a small section of a room to your team spirit instead. Something like a simple Mets street sign can add personality to a room without overwhelming it.
  • Blue and orange, the Mets’ team colors, play beautifully together. To achieve the Mets vibe without going over the top, play things a bit more subtle by painting a room a bluish-gray color and adding orange accessories like flowers or pillows.

Mo’ Betta Mets

There are those Mets fans who believe that you can never have enough New York Mets decor. If you live in a house where a giant cutout of Carlos Beltrán would be greeted with tears of joy, you can adopt an unapologetic, no-holds-barred attitude when it comes to decorating your home.

  • Go quirky and fun by displaying a full team bobblehead collection on your fireplace mantel or on a bookshelf.
  • Create a pennant wall. A giant collection of pennants can take the place of a more mundane piece of art.
  • Become that parent, and deck out your month-old’s nursery with everything from Mets drapes to Mets rugs. Don’t hold back!


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