NYC Luxury Apartments: Where They Are

Folks on the hunt for NYC luxury apartments have a ton of options at their disposal. They’ll have to narrow it down to neighborhoods in order to get a better handle on what they’re looking for. Here are three of the top luxury neighborhoods in NYC.

When on the hunt for NYC luxury apartments, you don’t have to look far. New York City is chock-full of neighborhoods that would satisfy those with the biggest pocketbooks, but each neighborhood also has its own distinct style and vibe. Deciding where to live will depend on which criteria is the most important to the buyer or renter. Some of the most popular luxury neighborhoods are below.


The High Line, great clubs, diverse apartment styles ranging from brownstones to high-tech lofts — what doesn’t Chelsea have? Sandwiched between the Village, the Flatiron District, and Midtown West, Chelsea is the neighborhood where people come to play and players come to live. Residents enjoy an embarrassment of riches when it comes to cafes, boutiques, and bars. Chelsea Market, the trendy shopping mecca that functions as the unofficial gateway to the neighborhood, is the place to get fresh-cut artisanal meats from Dickson’s Farmstand or a thick, ridiculously satisfying brownie from Fat Witch Bakery. Residents in search of a bargain can grab a piping hot pour-over at Cafe Grumpy before making the trek to the uppermost part of Chelsea, where they can find cheap emergency linens and glassware at the Manhattan Mall. The High Line runs through the neighborhood like a yellow brick road for visitors to the city in search of Oz. Residences are pricey and range from rent-stabilized flats to detail-laden brownstone duplexes to million-dollar apartments towering over the city.

West Village

Although Sex and the City has faded into the increasingly distant past, people still lust over the West Village brownstone that served as the grand backdrop for Carrie Bradshaw’s deliciously messy life. Located below Chelsea and bordering the Hudson, the area’s winding streets, cafes, book shops, intimate restaurants, and luxury boutiques may remind world travelers of the arrondissements of Paris — and the sky-high pricing of the apartments might do so as well. The area manages to retain its small-town feel in spite of being overrun by visitors from all over the world.


Walking around in Tribeca, you’re surrounded by imposing factory-style buildings clad in scruffy iron and brick that belie the immense wealth of the individuals who live here. Bordered by Canal Street, Broadway, Vesey Street, and West Street, the area has turned from an area that you couldn’t pay people to live in back in the day to an area that most people dream of being able to afford. Restaurants that stay open late into the night and into the early morning are perfect for residents like the banker who works in sync with the Tokyo office and other moneymakers whose working hours defy time zones. You may pay a hefty price to live in these NYC luxury apartments, but the high price tag gets you beautifully maintained buildings, private elevators, and know-it-all concierges ready and waiting to cater to your every whim. Great schools, both public and private, make it a top destination for families.

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