NYC Rentals: Tips for New Grads

When it comes to NYC rentals, new grads don’t know what they’re in for. The NYC rental market can be brutal if you don’t come prepared. Listed are a few tips that can help new grads make the Big Apple their home.

Finding NYC rentals can be hard. Finding NYC rentals as a new grad can be brutal. Navigating the city can be hard enough as a newly minted graduate without having to find a place to live. If you come prepared for the process, you’ll be in a better position than a lot of other folks. Check out below for some tips on how to find an apartment in NYC as a new grad.

Good Credit or Guarantor

Here’s the deal: Landlords use their renters’ checks to pay mortgages, keep buildings maintained, and so on. This means that when they’re looking for tenants, landlords are looking for people who have a history of paying their bills. If you built up a solid credit history while in school by renting off-campus in your own name or keeping current on your credit cards, you may have a good credit score that can help you get in. If you went rogue in college and pretty much damaged your credit, you’re going to need a guarantor (parents or a guarantor company like Insurent) to sign papers guaranteeing that your rent will be paid. When you apply for a lease on your own, you usually have to make 40 times the rent. Guarantors need an income of at least 80 times the rent. Look at your situation carefully before applying.

Have a Job Before You Get Here

The NYC job market can be pretty competitive depending on which market you’re in, so do what you can to try and score a job before you get here. Work with your school’s job placement office, professional organizations, and job search firms to secure a position. Pay the extra money to have your resume professionally done; top resume writers know all the tricks of the trade and keywords that can help your resume stand head and shoulders above the rest. Once you have a job, bring a letter from HR declaring your earnings. Bank statements can help round out your package.

Find a Roommate/Roommates

Unless your parents are able to indefinitely pay for you to have your own apartment here in the city, you will need to seek out roommates. Finding a great roommate means that you can afford to live in a nicer area while possibly gaining a good friend or acquaintance. The key here is “great roommate.” Finding a good roommate is nearly as important as finding a good job. You don’t want to be stuck in a situation where you find yourself living with a person who’s less than stable, whether that’s financially or mentally. Find out from your school if there are other people moving to NYC from your school who are possibly looking for roommates. Ask your friends on social media if they know of anyone who’s looking for a roomie. Take advantage of some of the popular roommate finding apps, including SpareRoom or Symbi, the self-billed “ of roommate sites.” Some people have found success with Craigslist, while others liken it to walking through a minefield. Proceed with caution.

Check Out Neighborhoods

Certain areas of the city like Battery Park City may be too family for some, while others will find its neighborhoody feel comfortable. Some folks may find the East Village a bit too hip, while others will fit right in. Visit the neighborhoods that interest you in order to get a real vibe and feel for the area. A neighborhood you may have nixed in your head may be your perfect fit, while another you’d assumed you’d love may not work at all.

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