Scenic Running Paths in NYC


When it comes to scenic running paths in NYC, you’ve got a lot of choices at your fingertips. The city is filled with wonderful routes that offer fantastic views while providing awesome places to run. The following is a list of just a few.


If you’re looking for scenic running paths in NYC, you’ve got plenty to choose from. From Staten Island to the Bronx, NYC runners have a ton of routes that can help them get in a good run while taking in beautiful views. However, use common sense when you run. Wear trainers/sneakers appropriate for running; dress sensibly for the type of weather you’re running in; and employ safety best practices (i.e., running in well-lit areas and only when there are other runners about, etc.).

The Promenade Loop, Brooklyn Heights

The Brooklyn Heights Promenade is one of the most famous places in NYC for sightseeing. Nestled between the neighborhood’s palatial brownstones and the East River, the Promenade offers the perfect spot to take in spectacular views of downtown Manhattan, sit and relax on the benches that line the walk, or run. Keep it simple and run back and forth along the Promenade’s main strip, or circle the Loop. The Promenade Loop starts off at Clinton Street by way of Cobble Hill Park, turns into Henry Street which takes you through to Remsen Street where you reach the end of the Promenade, where you circle back again. The run has a distance of 2.4 miles and a total climb of 41 feet.

Prospect Park/Greenwood Cemetery Run

Another great path for Brooklyn runners is the Prospect Park main loop. The forest-y, hilly, urban country vistas of Prospect Park draw millions of visitors every year, and runners can take in the best of it during their workouts. The looped trail also has a bridle path, so riders and runners can enjoy four miles of blissful trails. The site Runemployed suggests tacking on the 3.5-mile Greenwood Cemetery running path in order to complete a good, rigorous run. Enter via the gate at 20th Street and Prospect Park West. You’ll follow 20th Street along the outskirts of the cemetery until the loop is complete. Note: you will not be disturbing the inhabitants of the cemetery! You’ll be running along the perimeter. Some spots along 20th Street sidewalk are a bit crumbly, so practice caution as you trot by.

Hudson River Park

The Hudson River Park run is perfect for NYC residents who want to be reminded about why they love this city and for visitors who want to pretend, even if just for the length of a run, that they’re part of one of the most amazing cities in the world. Hudson River Park is a 4.5-mile path that runs along West Street from Battery Park all the way to 59th Street. Take in million-dollar views of the Hudson River, the New Jersey waterfront, and Lady Liberty as you run on gorgeous, well-kept paths bordered by beautifully landscaped lawns.

Central Park

“Running in Central Park” may be cliche to some, but there’s a reason that everybody does it. In spite of all the pedestrian traffic and the gazillion billion tourists, running through Central Park can be one of the most Zen and satisfying of all the running paths in NYC. If folks want to do a decent 6-mile run, run along the park drives on both the east side and west side of the park. The inspiring Preppy Runner created an excellent 6-mile route here.


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