Everything You Love About Fall at Home

If you're looking for more reasons to fall in love with fall at home, check out this round-up of our favorite Blue Matter highlights for this fabulous season.

Scary Halloween Doors

Halloween starts at your front door. No matter what happens after your front door is opened, the Halloween thrill begins as trick-or-treaters approach your house. There are many ways to make this...

Make Your Halloween Yard a Graveyard Smash

Make your Halloween yard a graveyard smash and spook it up. The thrill of Halloween begins at the entry of your yard. The trip along the walkway and up to your front door should be scary enough to...

Home Tip of the Day: Turn Your Home Into a...

Spook up your home with these easy tricks for creating an eerie ambiance.

Home Tip of the Day: A Pumpkin Cooler

A cool & functional halloween party decor idea.

Home Tip of the Day: Make your Jack-o-Lantern Last

A little Hocus Pocus to keep your pumpkin fresh through Halloween.