The Veranda Gains Popularity Among Homeowners

Studies show that from the early 1990s to the 2000s, homes with a screen-in porch rose from 42% to 65%. This is proof that the veranda is making a comeback. And porch life is alive and well in Jacksonville, too.

Verandas have gained popularity among homeowners. In the early 1990s, the U.S. Census Bureau documented that 42% of homes in the United States had porches. That number rose to 65% in the last census, proof of a veranda comeback. Porch life is alive and well in Jacksonville too.

Why the Comeback?

Perhaps a throwback to America’s past is attributable to the resurgence of screened-in porches. Think Mayberry. During the 1950s, neighbors and friends gathered after supper to swing on the porch and to watch the kids run and play in the backyard, chasing elusive fireflies. The veranda reminds us of former decades when life moved at a slower tempo, when taking time to relax and recharge was more inviting and just as essential as working long hours. Now think Jacksonville. The city’s scenic charm is drawing residents back to the porch. Additionally, Jacksonville is a “little big town.” The combination of the metropolis and the small town for which the area is known plays a definite role in Jacksonville life. Verandas are back and residents are loving it.

Baby boomers living in Florida’s largest city are getting back to their outdoor roots and are attracted to homes with porches for reasons of relaxation and socialization. Sitting on the porch is an invitation to neighbors and friends to nod, wave, extend a greeting, or even to stop by and sit for a spell.

Advantages of a Porch

Given some Better Homes and Gardens real estate stats, a screened-in porch will add value to your home, since among other perks, it extends the living area by adding square footage. According to a recent National Association of Homebuilders report, two-thirds of new homes constructed in 2011 were built with a porch.

Verandas are no longer just an addition to the front door. Porches are becoming more popular as an extension of the house, often serving multiple functions, especially in Jacksonville where residents entertain outside in all seasons. A porch brings outdoor living in and indoor living out. Porches in Jacksonville are as versatile as a homeowner’s taste and imagination will allow. Some residents, in cooler months, forgo air conditioning and even sleep on screened-in porches.

Screened-In as Best Choice

Porches provide unobstructed views and allow homeowners to take in nature from comfortable living spaces. However, bringing the outdoors in also has drawbacks. Porch dwellers face critter invasion, especially in Jacksonville, where moisture and humidity contribute to the problem of mosquitoes. The romance of an outdoor living space is somewhat lost when swiping at mosquitoes replaces the serene atmosphere of a summer’s night.

Jacksonville residents needn’t forgo the enjoyment of a semi-outdoor space to avoid the inevitable and dreaded mosquito attack. A screened-in porch allows residents to take the party outside at a lower expense than an enclosed porch surrounded by glass windows.


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