How an Enclosed Porch Adds Value to Your DFW Home

Adding an enclosed porch or patio to a home In Dallas-Fort Worth is a great investment. Screened or glass windows can give you the feel of the great outdoors, without the mosquitos, rain, or heat. A sunroom is a versatile space for any home.

Adding an enclosed porch or patio to your home In Dallas-Fort Worth is a great investment. They give you the peaceful feel of being in the great outdoors — without the mosquitoes and blazing sun to bother you.

Outdoor Living in Dallas

Outdoor living is essential to the Metroplex lifestyle. With relatively mild winters, warm springs and autumns, and sweltering summer nights, most homeowners spend a good amount of time outdoors. But as many people already know, the outdoor lifestyle has its downsides. DFW was the epicenter of the West Nile virus outbreak in the summer of 2012, and many people avoided their patios during the evenings to prevent unwelcome bites from disease-carrying mosquitoes. Screens have since become very popular, as have enclosed porches and patios. 

According to Metroplex home construction companies like Coleman, which specializes in screened and fully windowed outdoor areas, the addition of an enclosed porch can add value to your home as well as protection from the elements. Coleman and other local builders offer a variety of options based on the homeowner’s taste and budget.

Options and Ideas

A garden room, also sometimes also called a sunroom, conservatory, or Florida room, is a fully enclosed porch or patio with glass windows. Homebuyers can choose window types and levels of insulation, which is important if they plan to use the room year-round. These rooms can be vented for heat and air conditioning, and many Texas homeowners also enjoy the extra light that a room with windowed walls provides.

Sunrooms are flexible spaces with countless design options. Potential uses include an exercise room, child play area, arts and crafts room, or simple reading space. Many people also use these spaces as casual dining areas, studios, or even home offices. All in all, sunrooms are simply bright and sunny places where homeowners can unwind.

Another option is a fully screened room. These enclosed patios or porches typically don’t have a heat or air conditioning source, and they are more vulnerable to certain kinds of weather. For homeowners who want a rustic feel or simply an outdoor experience without swarming insects, this is a good option. In addition to creating a place to sit and socialize, some homeowners add a hot tub or turn part of the space into a small garden.

For homeowners who don’t want to add a room on to their house, power screens are available to lower around windows and doors in cabana houses, patios, pergolas, porches, and even garages. The screens protect against nature’s pests and provide some relief from the elements.

No matter what option homeowners choose, a screened patio, an enclosed porch, or a sunroom can be a wonderful way to enjoy the outdoors in comfort.

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