Tiny Bedroom Ideas for NYC Apartments

If you’re looking for tiny bedroom ideas, you live in NYC. Ha! Seriously, NYC bedrooms are small. Small doesn’t have to mean useless, however. With some smart touches, a small bedroom can be the room you look forward to fleeing to at the end of the day.

If someone walked into a room and asked if anyone was looking for tiny bedroom ideas, 80 percent of New York City dwellers in the room would probably raise their hands. Space is at a premium in the city, let alone bedroom space, so folks are constantly figuring out ways to make beautiful, restful oases out of their lilliputian sleeping spaces. Having a small bedroom doesn’t have to be miserable. If you think about your space carefully, your tiny sleeping space can be an exquisite jewel box.

Consider Making the Whole Room the Bed

No, seriously. Some rooms are just too tiny to hold anything other than a bed. Instead of feeling sorry for yourself or bemoaning the fact that you can’t fit an armoire into the room, embrace the fact that you can only fit a bed inside and really put a bed in it. And I’m not talking about a tiny air mattress shoved into a corner. Get a real bed with a headboard and everything, and slot the bed into it. Hang beautiful lighting, and put up shelving for essentials like your laptop! NYC set designer Jen Chu became famous overnight when several shelter blogs and interior design shows featured her incredibly gorgeous and unbelievably tiny bedroom that consists primarily of the bed. Luxurious linens and bedding, an ornate crystal chandelier, and beautiful wall shelves in an extremely small space managed to make her the envy of people with rooms two and three times the size.

Use a Loft Bed

Installing a loft bed is one of those absolutely brilliant tiny bedroom ideas. It essentially turns one room into two by freeing up all the floor space in a room, raising the bed high off the floor, and leaving the floor free for storage, desks, and anything else that can make your bedroom both beautiful and practical. Add seamless storage underneath, keeping clutter out of sight. Add floor pillows or a small seating area to the room, creating a perfect place to read, work, or catch up on Scandal.

Find Seamless Storage

You’ve heard the phrase “create seamless storage” a million and forty-seven times, but it’s especially necessary for people with tiny bedrooms. Your bedroom is where you’re supposed to go to decompress for the day, but nothing derails rest like a cluttered, overstuffed bedroom. Find storage that allows you to keep the day’s detritus out of sight, including under-bed storage and wall storage. When you have limited storage space, you really need to get rid of things you don’t use anymore.

Image Source: Flickr/Emily May


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