Top 10 Coldwell Banker Brand Press Placements – Week of Nov. 20, 2023

This week’s Top 10 press placements showcase the power of the blue brand in headlines across the globe.

Top 10 Coldwell Banker Press Placements

Week of Nov. 20, 2023

The Age of the Retail Renaissance (Dan Spiegel, SVP & Managing Director, Coldwell Banker Commercial)


High Rise at a High Price: Downtown Condos Priced in the Millions, Leaders Say It Benefits Vegas (Bob Hamrick, Las Vegas)


Rochester-Area Mansion With Pool Slide, Hot Tub Lists for $6 Million (Hanan Absah, Minn.)


Snag Woodstock Artist Justin Love’s Country Compound for $1.64M (Leslie Foti & Henry T. Ford, N.Y.)


Time Out—Five Homes as Entertaining on the Outside As In (Jonathan Postma, Fla.)


The 2nd Priciest House for Sale in the Fort Walton Beach Region Is an Ode to Luxury (Needa Brannon, Fla.)


How to Know If It’s Time to Take a Break from Your House Hunt (Mihal Gartenberg, N.Y.)


Furnished $2.4 Million ‘Wedding Cake House’ Overlooking Lake Macatawa (Kersh Ruhl and Lauri Sisson, Mich.)


Buying a new home should be exciting. Here are nine mistakes to avoid (Duff Rubin, Regional President, Southeast)


East Brunswick: Timothy Awojobi Honored by Governor Murphy for Military Service and Support of Local Veterans (Timothy Awojobi & Irving Cham, N.J.)

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