Top 5 Selling Tips for Homes on the Market in June

If you’re planning to put your home on the market in June, there are many ways you can use the season to your advantage. These summer selling tips can help you give your home the details and finishing touches buyers love.

Planning to put your home on the market in June? Good news — there are usually more home buyers ready to close deals during the summer than any other part of the year. But along with more buyers come more sellers — there is often a spike in housing inventory during the summer months. With so much competition, how do you set yourself apart to make the sale? Use these selling tips to help your home stand out for all the right reasons.

Be Move-in Ready

Many buyers are eager to purchase a new home in June. Buying a new home and moving into it in the early part of summer can help the move interfere less with work or school schedules, and may even allow buyers the time to take a vacation later in the summer. These busy buyers want a quick, painless move-in process, with the least amount of hassle. As you’re preparing your home for showings, make any and all necessary repairs. Repainting, fixing leaks or other issues, removing scuffs from the floor and stains from the carpet … fixing these things now helps your home look move-in ready, which will please buyers who want to keep the move-in process simple and speedy.

Pretty on the Outside

First impressions count! Make sure the prospective buyers love your home from the moment they set eyes on it. Keep the lawn carefully mowed. Maintain your gardens by mulching, trimming shrubbery, and removing weeds. If the front of the house looks bare, plant some bushes or flowers, or invest in a landscaper to do this for you. Stay on top of necessary repairs — fix loose shutters or siding, and repaint or re-pave any areas that require it.

Keep It Cool

Out of all these selling tips, this one is the easiest to do! Prospective home-buyers are already feeling the heat and stress. Help them keep cooler heads by making them comfortable when they are in your home. Before any showings begin, make sure your air conditioning system is functioning properly, with no leaks, odors, or other problems. If you will not be present for the showing, show your real estate agent how to turn on and adjust the air conditioning. Consider setting your thermostat a little lower when showings are happening, as all the people milling through your house may make the temperature feel warmer than usual. And go the extra mile by stocking the refrigerator with bottles of water or other cold drinks.

Feature Touches of Summer

In Philadelphia, everyone looks forward to the time when the harsh winter is a distant memory and the long, lazy days of summer are here to stay for a while. Remind prospective buyers of this happy season by adding touches of summer to your decor. Stage a barbecue grill on the porch. Set up a backyard picnic table with a checkered tablecloth and colorful plastic dishes. Fill a pretty pitcher with ice-cold lemonade and display it alongside some glasses on the kitchen counter. Let them see how much fun they can have in your home during summer time!

Make It Feel Like Their Home

Allow your prospective buyers to see themselves at home in your house. Remove personal items like family photographs, personal collectibles, and heirlooms that remind buyers that the home belongs to someone else. Remove anything that could elicit a strong emotional reaction, such as political or religious items. Make sure your home is neat, clean, and free of clutter.

What other selling tips have helped make buyers interested in your home during summer? Leave a comment below!


Nikki Hess, a Philadelphia native, graduated cum laude from Dickinson College in 2003, where she majored in English and minored in creative writing. Since then, she has worked in the radio, beauty, and newspaper industries, racking up a diverse set of skills, experience, and titles. In addition to writing her first thriller series and various freelance projects, Nikki is currently a Senior Marketing Communications Specialist for a leading health advocacy company in suburban Philadelphia. 

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