Wine Tips: Buy Sweet Decor To Keep Wine in View

Wine tips include more than just what to look for in a good wine. You do not want to forget about storing the wine when you bring the bottles home. Using these artful wine storage items adds a unique touch of beauty to your New York abode.

Wine tips include more than just what to look for in a good wine. There are wonderful stores in New York City that sell the perfect accessories to keep your lovely bottles of wine stored on display as if artwork. Using these artful wine storage items adds a unique touch of beauty to your New York City abode as well as keeping the wine safely stored and ready to serve. Many wines can be impressive all on their own but finding a way to display the bottles within the decor can often be a challenge. New York City is an amazing place to reside in with restaurants and shops just about at your doorstep, but sometimes you just want to stay home and invite over friends to enjoy a bottle of wine with. Rather than just sitting hiding on a kitchen counter, check out some wine tips for shopping for wonderful wine bottle holders to proudly display bottles in a number of beautiful ways.

Brooklyn Army Terminal
140 58th Street Suite 5B
Brooklyn, NY

Part of the New York City living experience is to be independent in your look and style. UncommonGoods shares that interest in the items that they have for sale. Why not put your wine bottles on display along with glasswear ready to serve. Make a wine station part of the wall art with a Wall Wine Bar. This unique made-to-order circular wall fixture will take center stage within a grouping of artwork and be the talk of the party.

MoMA Design and Book Store
11 West 53rd Street
(between 5th and 6th Avenues)
New York, NY

Let out your artistic side with MoMA’s Houdini Wine Rack. The inventive rack holds four wine bottles and you can creatively add additional Houdinis to hold more bottles horizontally, vertically, or in square shapes to fit on a shelf, make free standing, or to keep in the refrigerator. This is the perfect wine accessory for the New York City home — when not in use the Houdini disappears by folding flat.

Sterling Place
148 7th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY
(plus two additional Brooklyn locations in Boerum Hill and Park Slope South)

New York City is known for not only style but old world elegance as well. You can achieve this by serving up your delightful wine collection stored in an Antiqued Brass Bar Cart crafted of beautiful metal, glass, and mirror. The beautiful cart is crafted to hold bottles and hanging stemmed glass wear below its flat bar top. It also adds a sleek well-dressed touch to the chic decor that lives up to the New York City lifestyle.

Bobby Berk Home
59 Crosby Street
New York, NY

Looking for your wine collection to seamlessly blend within your trendy New York City wall decor, then check out the Gus Modern Acrylic Wine Rack. The wine rack is mounted vertically on the wall to hold eight bottles of your favorite wine. Crafted out of clear acrylic this wonderful wine rack will virtually disappear as it sits on a favorite wallpaper or painted surface. Your wine bottles will appear as if floating horizontally stacked in cool New York centric style.


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