Your Perfect Patio: Enjoy Your Outdoor Patio Three Seasons or More

This article discusses a few tips for creating a perfect patio in your backyard. A great patio is one that you are eager to use as much as possible. Ideally, you should be able to use your patio for at least three seasons out of the year.

Philadelphia has very temperamental weather. One minute, it is a hundred degrees outside, and you can barely stand the heat. The next minute, snowflakes are falling, and you have to stock up on rock salt.

Drastic weather changes aren’t very convenient for the many Philadelphia homeowners who have backyard patios. Many Philadelphia families enjoy being outside for parties, barbecues, and general relaxation. Here are a few tips for a perfect patio so that you can get at least three solid seasons of out of it—spring, summer, and fall.

Add an Awning

An awning, sometimes called a patio cover, is an overhead covering for your patio that is commonly made of a durable canvas material. Water and precipitation roll right off the material, so it will guard you from spring rain showers. It also shields you from the unbearable heat of the sun’s rays in the summertime. You can order a small one that you can affix to the wall yourself or hire an installer for a larger awning. Some retailers offer retractable awnings that you can adjust up or down depending on the season.

Outdoor Fans and Patio Heaters

Philadelphia summers can be hot hot hot! Even in the shade, your guests might continue to sweat profusely. Give them some relief by setting up a large high-powered outdoor fan on your patio.

With the autumn season come much cooler temperatures. Even so, it is nice to sit outside with a warm cup of hot cocoa and watch the leaves fall. All you need is a well-placed portable heater on your patio to cut through the chill. There are three main types of patio heaters: small table-top designs, tall slim heaters that resemble lamps, and heaters that you can install above your head on the outdoor wall of your house.

Bug Protection

Bug protection is the last element remaining to be installed in your patio prepared for nearly every season. It’s hard to enjoy your backyard paradise when bugs, gnats, bees, and mosquitoes are bugging you. They start to come around again in the early spring and then really make their presence known in the summer. The solution is simple: hang a citronella lantern at each corner of your patio or use a tiki lamp filled with citronella oil, which helps repel mosquitoes. For flies, gnats, and wasps, you can hang an outdoor wasp and fly trap (find one at your local home improvement store) while your guests are over.

Full Sun Room

If you really want to go all out and use your patio for not just three seasons but all four, have a full sunroom built. These are structures that enclose your patio into a sort of multi-purpose room addition. You do not feel the effects of the changes in weather, but you still get the full sunshine and beauty of the outdoors with windows on all sides of the room. You can also choose to enclose the room in screens so that the air can blow through your sunroom.

As you can see, making your patio usable during three or more seasons is pretty simple. Just stock up on a few supplies and talk to a home improvement specialist if you need to install an awning or sunroom. You should be able to enjoy your perfect patio just as much as you enjoy your living room.


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