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5 Most Popular Real Estate Posts for 2011

We wanted to share some of the most popular posts we’ve shared from this past year in a miniature year in review for real estate content. Here are the 5 most read posts on the Coldwell Banker Blue Matter blog:

December 21 / 2011

Real Estate Headlines for the Week Before Christmas

By now you’ve probably made your list, checked it twice and discovered you still have more presents to buy. It’s the week before Christmas and the hustle and bustle is upon us. To get your week off to the right start, here are some real estate headlines:

December 19 / 2011

Real Estate Headlines for the Second Full Week of December

Back East there’s finally a winter crisp in the air, malls are packed with last minute shoppers, Elf seems to be on TV twice a day and most houses in my neighborhood are fully decked out with colorful lights and inflatable snowmen. Yup, we’re less than two weeks away from the Holidays! While you make [...]

December 12 / 2011

Can a Video Game System Change Your Home?

There’s a common complaint from many people out there today that video games are somehow bad for you. Well Microsoft is looking to prove that the Xbox 360 can change your living room and the connectivity of your home.

December 08 / 2011
Author David Marine
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Famous Frank Sinatra Estate Listed by Coldwell Banker for $12 Million

If ever there was a home that had stories to tell, this is the one. Simply known as “Farralone” this amazing estate was once famously owned by Frank Sinatra and is currently listed by Coldwell Banker agent, Lynn Teschner, for $12 million.

December 07 / 2011

Real Estate Headlines for the First Full Week of December

Welcome to December. A month of not just many holidays, but also a time for cookies, hot drinks and bad sweaters. As you nestle into your routine for the week, here are the latest real estate headlines you need to know about for this first full week of December:

December 05 / 2011

The Smaller House Movement

In these economic times, people often take a look at ways they can downsize their spending and make less do more. One area that is seeing some growth is what I’ll call the small house movement. While we love to tour mansions and watch TV shows that showcase extravagant spaces, the opposite side of the real estate spectrum is getting serious attention from home owners across the globe

December 01 / 2011