5 Most Popular Real Estate Posts for 2011

We wanted to share some of the most popular posts we’ve shared from this past year in a miniature year in review for real estate content. Here are the 5 most read posts on the Coldwell Banker Blue Matter blog:

Was a "Zombie Proof House" the most popular post of 2011?

It’s that time of year. The time for lists. Santa has one. You probably have one for sending holiday cards and buying presents. And every major media outlet or publication has one counting down the best things of 2011. Why do we love lists so much? I think it has to do with the joy of being able to cross something out when we accomplish it.

In any case, we wanted to share some of the most popular posts we’ve shared from this past year in a miniature year in review for real estate content. Here are the 5 most read posts on the Coldwell Banker Blue Matter blog:

5. You Might Be Surprised to Learn What’s Going on with Baby Boomers
In this post we took a look at a recent survey that Coldwell Banker Real Estate conducted to give a snapshot of the impact Baby Boomers have on the housing market. Although all the buzz in the media has to do with the Gen Y, the Baby Boomers are still the major force in the real estate market. Click here to take a look at the highlights from our survey and see just how important the Baby Boomers are for housing.

4. A Zombie Proof House
2011 might just be the year of the zombies. You’ve got the hugely popular TV series, The Walking Dead; an upcoming film adaptation of the best-selling book Pride and Prejudice and Zombies; and of course successful zombie-focused video games like Dead Rising and Dead Island. So when I came across this property being touted as “zombie proof” I felt it was my duty to pop culture to blog about it. In fact this post was the most shared post on Blue Matter and has caused the social ranking tool, Klout, to rate Coldwell Banker as being “influential” about zombies. Check out the zombie proof house for yourself by clicking here.

3.  State by State Housing Market Infographic
Coldwell Banker Real Estate produced this infographic way back in February, but it’s still getting attention even in December. In this post we shared an interactive map that showed you a snapshot of housing market conditions in all 50 states. Due to the popularity of this post, we’ll most likely look at updating it with new stats for next year. Click here to take a look at the post on state by state housing market conditions.

2. Hey Case-Shiller It’s Not the End of the Real Estate World
This post was written by Coldwell Banker CEO, Jim Gillespie, in response to the June Case-Shiller index which continued to tout the end of the real estate world as we know it. In this post Gillespie showed some of the flaws in taking the Case-Shiller report as gospel as the real estate conditions vary from market to market while the Case-Shiller index only looks at a select few markets and then paints a national picture with only those numbers. While the post was written in June, what Jim Gillespie talks about is still very applicable today. Click here to take a look.

1. Coldwell Banker and Funny or Die Launch “The Truth”
Just squeaking past the “Hey Case-Shiller”, the post on our partnering with Funny or Die and comedian, Alan Thicke, to create the fact revealing series, The Truth, was our most popular post of the year. This 3-part series, hosted by Alan Thicke, was our first endeavor with Funny or Die and uncovered some hidden truths about common misconceptions throughout history. At the end, Alan Thicke reveals another misnomer that some people think Coldwell Banker is a bank. Silly people. These videos have received nearly half a million views across YouTube and Funny or Die. Check it out for yourself by clicking here or watching the video below.

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