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The Essential Summer 2012 Playlist

Music makes everything better. Think back to all of the quintessential and anthemic songs that accompany the biggest events in our lives like weddings, graduations and birthday celebrations. We perform better at the gym when we’ve got some tunes playing and movies would make little sense without their music scores. (Click here to see a [...]

4 Homes with a Breeze to Beat the Summer Heat

If you are one of the 50 million Americans currently embroiled in the heat wave, we feel for you. And don’t worry, those of us on the East Coast are supposed to join the fun tomorrow!

5 Ultra Geek Chic Items for Your Home

Let’s face it. Geek is the new chic. Or at least that’s what tech-focused, Star Wars loving, graphic novel reading, Syfy watching folks would want all of you to believe. Ok, it’s what I want to. You have to admit that geekdom has taken over pop culture lately with super hero movies becoming critically acclaimed entertainment and ComicCon somehow entering the mainstream.

June 28 / 2012

Is your pool ready for summer?

Break out the beach towels and sunscreen because summer is officially here! Break out the beach towels and sunscreen because summer is officially here! In areas of the country where temperatures climb during the summer, having a swimming pool can be a blessing and a great place to spend warm days. It can also be [...]

June 27 / 2012

Real Estate Video of the Month: A Vermont Lakefront Escape

If you’ve never been, Vermont is one of the most picturesque places on the East Coast. Not for the sites or tourist attractions, but just the sheer beauty of the landscape that it has. For our video of the month, I came across this exceptional video of a gorgeous lakefront home in South Hero, VT.

Decorating a Small Home to Create More Space

Working with a small living space can be a tricky scenario for new homeowners, especially more established couples who have accumulated a great deal furniture, accents and other personal keepsakes. But before home buying remorse sets in, new owners should consider some common decorating tips that can allow them to maximize the space they have and avoid feeling crowded [...]

Tips for a Do-It-Yourself Home Energy Audit

Guest Blog Post By Allstate A breeze blowing through your house is a good way to keep things cool – unless, of course, it’s coming from a fireplace damper or other leak when you’ve been running the A/C running on high. A home energy audit can help you pinpoint these air leaks (and other costly [...]

June 26 / 2012

Slash Home Energy Costs This Summer

Many first-time homeowners come up with a budget after buying a home to ease into the costs of utilities, maintenance and other property-related responsibilities. There are several ways that homeowners can keep their energy costs low and, in some cases, maintain their properties during the hot summer months. Take inventory Most homes lose energy through [...]

June 25 / 2012

Real Estate Headlines for Last Week of June

School is out. Summer has officially begun. We have fireworks and barbecues on our mind, yet hear you are reading a real estate blog post. Information is the key so here are some notable real estate headlines to finish out June 2012:

June 25 / 2012

Choose Your Own Adventure Furniture

I saw this headline on and had to click to see what this was all about. What I found is a really novel concept in furniture design. Pal Rodenius has designed multiple patterns on plywood to allow you to create a couple of different furniture options by just following the colored line of your choosing. It’s an adult version of cutting along the dotted lines…except these lines are solid.

June 22 / 2012
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