Holiday Home Gift Guide: The Bookworm

You know that person who always tells you "the book is better than the movie." The one who is always talking about how no one writes like (insert person you've never heard before). The person that...

Holiday Home Gift Guide: The Foodie

Continuing with our holiday home gift guide series, today we focus on that person on your list who insists on using Instagram solely for sharing what he/she eats. It's the Food Network obsessed,...

Holiday Home Gift Guide: The Gamer

So for the 2012 holiday shopping season we'll be featuring some gift giving ideas for the most unique characters on your list that will help them turn their house into the home of their dreams. To...

A Very Angry Holiday House

Quite possibly the coolest holiday house ever. A must see for gamers.

Home of the Week: Architectural Elegance in Costa...

Some homes have the ability to transport you to another time and even another world. This is one of those homes.

2012 Coldwell Banker Home Listing Report

The 2012 Home Listing Report ranking America's most expensive and affordable cities is now available.
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