There are things you absolutely have to have in your home like a refrigerator, a table, an Xbox, lights, etc. Then there are the things that aren’t necessarily to your everyday living, but they sure do make your home more enjoyable or worthy of showing off.

Every homeowner wants to have those unique touches that make their home special and different from the next. My wife loves her kitchen gadgets and touches of Victorian decor, but what about the things that no one could even dream about having in their home because they’re just so unbelievably awesome?

Well, that’s the kind of list I wanted to put together. Here are 5 items that can turn your best friends into jealous gazers as they lust after these one of a kind items.

Zelda Fireplace Art

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If you had an original Nintendo, you probably had Zelda. If you had Zelda, you're probably drooling over this wall decal of a Zelda fireplace. Me too. Currently available on for $85.