A Game Room for a Gaming Town

The evolution of the game room over past decades has spawned innumerable design ideas for creating the ultimate game room space. In Las Vegas, why not opt for the vibe inherent in the locale by incorporating a casino theme?

Having a little fun and recreation space in your own home has come a long way since the days when your parents whipped out the old folding card table and chairs on a Friday night. The evolution of the game room over past decades has spawned innumerable design ideas for creating the ultimate game room space. In Las Vegas, why not opt for the local vibe by incorporating a casino theme?

Vintage Vegas

Many people immediately flash to the classic Rat Pack era when thinking of Las Vegas, and that may be the way you want to go with posters, postcards, and other types of memorabilia that evoke that period. Hunt in places like Old Vegas Chips online, local yard sales for vintage Vegas finds, or the Lost Vegas Antiques shop in downtown Las Vegas. You can create a suitable casino-like backdrop for these treasures by painting walls black or a dark color. Look for or construct a kidney shape bar or coffee table for a design form reminiscent of the 50s and 60s.

Flash Forward

Your modern Vegas game room may include poker chips and movie posters, but for a contemporary look you may want more up-to-date items. Think about the chic color palettes found along the Strip today – quite the opposite of yesteryear’s darker, heavier motifs. Have some fun with your glue gun and adhere poker chips to candlesticks, frames, or other pieces in the room. Create casino art by arranging a collage of differently designed playing cards or frame single cards along a wall.

Brand Loyalty

You may want to pick a casino property (past or present) that you personally like and fashion your Las Vegas game room around that motif. If it’s a property still in existence, visit the gift shop for souvenirs that you can utilize as decor. If your favorite property is extinct, try shopping for collectibles from that brand. Pick up on your casino’s color scheme and theme and incorporate it into the design of your space.

Viva Las Vegas

There’s no denying that Elvis Presley remains synonymous with Las Vegas. If you’re a fan of The King you may want your game room to reflect that by concentrating your posters and memorabilia on those items associated with Elvis. So paint your walls a retro shade of pink Cadillac and visit on line sites such as allposters for King-related kitsch.

Games, Games, Games

Your game room wouldn’t be Las Vegas without gambling. Used pool tables can be converted into craps or roulette tables. Some manufacturers offer options for tabletop adaptions that you can purchase with your pool table. You can also look into acquiring a slot machine or video poker. The size of your space and your budget will determine how far you run with this aspect of the Las Vegas theme.

Other pieces that can help unify the theme of your space include pub style pedestal table and chairs, comfy stools at game table or machine height, chrome fixtures, and neon lighting. Now you can enjoy a night out on the Strip without ever leaving home.

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