Incorporate the Mystique of Old Vegas in Your Home Decor

Old Vegas conjures up visions of showgirls, the Rat Pack, and flashing neon signs. But these sights are unforgettable. Here are some tips on how to add pieces of Vegas nostalgia to your decor with simple prints, lighting and accessories.

Old Vegas conjures up visions of showgirls, the Rat Pack, and flashing neon signs. Most of the old hotels on the Las Vegas Strip have been demolished and replaced with sparkling, modern resorts. But you won’t find anything that has the nostalgia of old Vegas anyplace else in the world. The casinos of that time were some of the most luxurious resorts of their day, designed to entrance visitors to stay, play, and leave their money. Adding pieces of old Las Vegas to your decor is a good way to add a sense of nostalgia and give a nod to the city.

When you travel through the city, you can feel the energy and the hum of the big electric neon signs. Downtown Las Vegas is one of the few places around to see the neon signs of old Vegas. Grab your camera and snap a few shots that can printed out and hung on your walls. If you want something a little more upscale, check out local artist Jerry Misko’s one-of-a-kind abstract paintings of nostalgic Las Vegas neon signs. His art can be a little pricey, but several times throughout the year he offers affordable lithograph prints of selected paintings.

The “Welcome To Las Vegas Sign” on the Strip is one of the most iconic symbols of Las Vegas that remains from the old days. Images and notions of the nostalgic sign are great additions to any Las Vegas home. A “Welcome To Las Vegas” wall decal will complement your kitchen, living room or game room. A lighted miniature version of the sign would be at home on a side table or nightstand. Personalize it by taking a trip down to the sign and creating a family photo.

Old Las Vegas definitely had a lot to do with gambling. Capture the essence of nostalgic Lady Luck with strategically placed poker chips, card sets, and dice you can find downtown at the Gambler’s General Store. Posters and prints of old Vegas casinos such as The Stardust, Desert Inn and other imploded hotels can be found at Pick up some vintage glassware and or an ashtray from your favorite casino on eBay.

Lighting is another way to add old Vegas sentiment. Choose globe pendant lighting for the kitchen or a starburst chandelier for the dining room. If you want to take the theme a little further, paint the walls bold colors of the day like maroon, red, or orange. Just make sure you stop before you add the shag carpet and the cigarette smoke.


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