A Hamper/Washer/Dryer All in One

A Hamper/Washer/Dryer All in One

If you couldn’t tell from my previous post 11 Ways to Make Doing Laundry Less Dreadful, I really dislike doing laundry. From dragging clothes up and down steps to having to wait around to switch over loads from the washer to dryer, the whole thing is just no fun.

I recently stumbled across this amazing “iBasket” concept by designer Guopeng Liang. While this is only a concept, I definitely think Guopeng has a great idea that could certainly make this commonly hated household chore a bit more tolerable.

The iBasket is a hamper, washer and dryer all in one. Cool, right?

Here is the product description:

iBasket combines washing machine and laundry hamper. Take off your daily clothes, leave them inside and let iBasket do the rest. Its nice transparent body allows you to see through. It removes odors by sucking in fresh air. When clothes accumulate to a certain amount, it automatically starts washing. There’s no need to push a single button. iBasket uses electrolytic water (zero detergent) to clean and kill bacteria. Once a cycle is done, the Wi-Fi connected basket will send a message to your PC or mobile. iBasket makes cloth-cleaning an unattended operation, saving time and energy for students and hard-working talents to enjoy their weekends.

According to Guepeng it was designed for the “Internet Generation.” Here is an illustration demonstrating how it would work:


To read more about this concept click here

What do you think of this concept? How would you improve it?





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  • Shivani Gurung

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  • Tiff

    What about laundry detergent it’s just being rinsed by water ?

  • Nina

    Where does the water come from?

    • coldwellbanker

      I believe it’s like a Keurig where there’s a water tank that needs to be filled occasionally in the base.

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