Is This the Cutest Backyard Party Idea Ever?

An easy, super creative and absolutely adorable DIY kid’s party idea. Don’t forget the popcorn!

Bouncy House

Backyard Carnival

Dunk Tank

Pool Party

These were just a few of the things or themes I requested at my birthday parties as a child. Only problem, my birthday was in February. Now trust me, I certainly didn’t suffer. My mom and dad more than made up for it with incredible ice skating, pizza making and sleepover parties. HOWEVER, if I saw the following idea I am not sure I would have ever fully recovered.

Looking to throw an incredibly cute, creative and over the top fun backyard party for your child? This is quite possibly the cutest idea of ever…yes ever.

A “drive-in” move themed party!!!

Kids decorate their “cars” with stickers and markers before the movie !

I am not sure what is cuter..the fact that every “car” has a personalized license plate or imaging a bunch of little munchkins sitting in their boxes giggling watching their favorite movie.

Learn more about this adorable DIY kids party idea here.

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