I recently came across a Mainstreet.com article on Yahoo! about the states with the most couch potatoes. As a fitness fanatic myself, I was glad to see that California was not listed (the top six were Tennessee, Louisiana, Mississippi, Kentucky, Alabama and North Carolina,) but was surprised that they were all from one region! These days – it’s easier than ever to exercise from your own home, and any physical activity you can do will pay off. As a real estate broker, I see many properties that build a workout regime right into the floor plan so that you have no excuses.

Don’t want to be a couch potato-prone home shopper? Maybe exercise amenities should be added to your criteria. Here are some interesting details from listings on ColdwellBanker.com right now:

  • More than 2,900 homes on ColdwelBanker.com have space that notably can be used for exercise rooms, while approximately 700 list home gyms as a fitness feature
  • About 2,880 homes have pools, if sweating is not your thing
  • Approximately 640 properties have basketball courts for those who would rather be dribbling outside than glued to the March Madness tournament
  • Just over 1,660 have tennis courts

 Think you would be more likely to get in shape if you have a fitness facility nearby, rather than right in your house? Try a town home! This $129,500 property in Sweetwater, Tenn. has a pool, gym, playground, tennis courts and community activities all available for part of the home owner’s fee.

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Listing from Sweetwater, Tenn. on coldwellbanker.com