Vote in the 1st Ever Coldwell Banker #HomeRocks Award

Home and music. Music and home. The two certainly go together. Outside of love, my best guess is that more songs are written about home than anything else. There is something special about coming home after a long day, an exciting day, a great day or any other kind of day and letting music soothe or pump us up. Home is our special place and music makes it even better.

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Home and music.  Music and home.  The two certainly go together.  Outside of love, my best guess is that more songs are written about home than anything else.

There is something special about coming home after a long day, an exciting day, a great day or any other kind of day and letting music soothe or pump us up.  Home is our special place and music makes it even better.

Coldwell Banker Real Estate will showcase how music and home go together in a BIG way during the January 26 Grammys on CBS.  That is when we debut a one minute commercial that lets Mötley Crüe’s “Home Sweet Home” showcase why #HomeRocks.

You can get a sneak peek at the commercial beginning on January 22 at 11 a.m. Eastern right here on the Blue Matter blog.

We believe in music’s involvement with home.  Last year we used the music of Phillip Phillips’ “Home” and this year “Home Sweet Home” in our commercials, but there are other great songs about home that deserve attention.

And since there is no Grammy’s category for these songs, we decided to do something about it.  Or actually, we decided to let you do something about it.

We are proud to announce our nominees for the first Coldwell Banker #HomeRocks Award.  The criteria is simple. It has to be a song about home that was released within the calendar year of 2013. The nominees are below and we want you to pick the song that you believe was 2013’s best song about home.  Over the next few days we will post about each of the songs and why they have a chance to win the #HomeRocks award.  So, without further ado, here are the nominees:

  1. John Mayer – On the Way Home
  2. Mariah Carey – Almost Home
  3. Sheryl Crow – Homesick
  4. Midnight Red – Take Me Home
  5. Drake – Hold On, We’re Going Home
  6. Elton John – Home Again

This is a really big deal that will allow you to help one of these artists have an enjoyable Grammy’s weekend as the winner of the first Coldwell Banker #HomeRocks Award.

Voting is open through midnight on Tuesday, January 21.  The winner will be announced right here on Thursday, January 23! And don’t forget, come back on January 22 at 11 a.m. EST to see how  Mötley Crüe and Coldwell Banker combine to show that #HomeRocks!

Voting is now closed. Thanks for your participation and see why we believe that #HomeRocks in our latest ad that can be seen here!

David Siroty has been with Coldwell Banker Real Estate since 2004 and is responsible for all U.S. and Canadian external and internal communications, along with social media and cause marketing activities. In his role as VP of North American Communications, he is responsible for promoting the Coldwell Banker brand to media, staff and affiliated companies.

He was honored by PR News in their PR People Awards as the 2010 Lemonade Maker for his work in promoting the Coldwell Banker brand despite the challenging real estate market. He has worked in public relations for nearly 30 years in the sports, TV, agency and higher education industries. He also taught public relations for several years and is the author of a 2002 baseball book The Hit Men and the Kid Who Batted Ninth.

  • Dennis Evans

    How do we win that amazing CB Guitar?

    • David Marine

      LOL Dennis. I’ll have to look into that.

      • Dennis Evans

        Really do like that a lot! We could get COLDWELL some amazing advertising when being played on stage!

  • jrodsmith

    Interesting collection of artists/songs! Glad to see the Drake song isn’t cutting it – wouldn’t want us to be associated with the violence on the video. Might want to consider “Our House” by Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young for the future. The two parts of that song that would resonate is “our house is a very, very fine house” and “now everything is easy ’cause of you”. These could tie neatly into the homeowner (our house is better than yours) and the agent (Coldwell Banker doing the work for our clients). Just sayin’…!

    • David Marine

      Thanks for the comment jrodsmith. The songs chosen are only from songs released in 2013. Not of all time.

  • Kate Koplinka

    I love that CB understands the importance of music in our lives, and our homes. Excited to see who the winner is:)

    • Lindsay Listanski

      Thanks Kate! We are excited to see the results as well!

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  • Frank Castaldini

    Voted…hope I win the tee shirt! Thanks

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  • Commercial Gal

    Listened to all and just depending on what kind of ‘feel’ CB wants could determine who should win: Midnight Red- Take Me Home is fresh, upbeat & catchy: Sheryl Crow – Homesick is more mature and soft and has the feeling of being homesick – those 2 were my fav’s – I think upbeat is best for marketing though…. so Midnight Red-Take Me Home wins for that category

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  • Chyenne Tatum

    I’m so happy to see Midnight Red being recognized for their amazing music! I just became a fan 2 months ago and I can honestly say these boys deserve every bit of success they work hard for and im in love with them. I hope they take home the win!


    Go Go Go Go GO Midinight Red Go Go Go Go..!! wuuuuuuuuujuuuuuuuuuuu
    “TAKE ME HOME” IS #1


  • Teresa

    Love midnight red ! Take me home is my favorite song ♡♡♡

  • carla

    The Midnight Red song fits best I think. I also think you should change the voting to one vote per person. You can see for example somebody who is a Mariah fan just keeps hitting refresh.

  • Giana

    Wow. The Mariah votes are as fake as she is

    • Cynthia

      She gained 850 votes in 1 hour

      • Tara

        This wasn’t a compliment. They were fake votes

        • Justin

          All yall are hating ass goats

  • Kary

    Vote for Mariah! Reminds me the most of home :)

  • Ashley Moreno

    Midnight deserve this so much! They are so talented and I love them❤️

  • Guest

    I really think that the Mariah Carey song would be great on an ad, the chorus is perfect, says all the right things, it is deep, the music uplifting & is “actually about going home”, where some of the others is about a significant other. Hits more of the Actual “Home” points. The midnight red has a good beat,but think its more of a “Teen” song, more akin to Bieber fans, and didnt appeal to me to put lots of money down to buy a home. Mariah is a legacy, her voice makes you get goosebumps and get emotional, and to buy a home one must be emotional :). Just my thoughts

  • lexie

    midnight red !!!!

  • Bridgett Haney

    I hope Midnight Red wins, in all honesty. Everyone has been around for awhile, but MNR, is a group who is trying to make it big, and this might propel them.

  • hailey

    I hear the Midnight Red song on my xm radio. Love the song. It’s fun and not teenie bopper. I remember hearing it in the movie theatre’s this summer on that Coke ad. Other acts are stuffy. Let’s go fun.

  • Terrieck Reid

    Mariah Carey! she is a legend nuff said!

  • Sent From Heaven

    Mariah Carey for sure. There is an urgency and depth in her voice and lyrics on this song that really brings the message on home. No pun intended.

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  • Esmeralda

    Midnight Red are extremely talented and we should give them a chance to prove to us how much more they can give us all. TAKE ME HOME WOOOO

  • Rafaela

    Mariah Carey I love you

  • #RedHeads

    I think MIDNIGHT RED “DESERVES” to win this. Not becoz they’re a boyband or anything.
    Their song takemehome are enjoyable and amazing. You shoukd vote vote vote n vote ! Thanks


    Vote for Mariah !!! the deserves this her song was the best !!!

    • Mark AKA DJ AGENTM

      vote for the queen lambs !!!!

    • eddy

      Ive been voting how do we get her to win

  • JC

    I guess I don’t understand why the Midnight Red song was nominated.

    CB says “The criteria is simple. It has to be a song about home that was released within the calendar year of 2013. The nominees are below and we want you to pick the song that you believe was 2013’s best song about home.”

    “Take Me Home” by Midnight Red is NOT about home… It’s about sex. Am I the only one who sees this? Did anyone read the lyrics or listen to the song before the nominations were made? Or was it simply nominated because the title and lyrics contain the word “Home”? Did you know that the following lyrics are also in the song?: “You love so good. How can I forget? Girl your touch still the best, you can see all over my chest”. Hmmm…. That’s not how I feel about my home… Maybe I’m the only one… Great job.

    • Darla

      Did you know the Take Me Home song by Midnight Red was the Coca Cola Summer theme this year? Was on the Disney Channel? Just played on the Today Show this morning? Its all about interpitation. Nothing wrong with the song. Its a great song.

      • JC

        Clearly you neglected to read my post and the lyrics therein. It’s NOT a great song and it’s NOT about “HOME”. It shouldn’t even be in this category.

        • Darla

          I did. It is about HOME. It should be nominated. It is nominated and I think you are just sour they are winning while you keep hitting refresh, vote, refresh for “Your” artist

          • JC

            Hmmm… Please explain to me how “it is about HOME”.

          • SI

            LOL. It wouldnt be winning right now if it didn’t have a significance to “home”

          • LOLAMANOLA

            It just has the word “home”, and is quite a stupid song.

          • lexie

            and because it’s “stupid” it nominated right? lol

    • Jada

      Don’t be mad cause Midnight Red is winning just vote for who ever wants to win and don’t say that they shouldn’t be nominated because they deserve it just as any of those other artists listed here. It is not our fault ya’ll aint doing ya’ll job!

    • lexie

      are you seriously that stupid? take me home is NOT about sex, if really talked about sex they wouldn’t be nominated and be winning.i suggest you watching their music video before talking so much crap

      • JC

        Well I tried watching the music video. But I’m not a 12 year old girl so my interest was lost.

        • lexie

          i’m not 12 year old either and i don’t crap about other artists without knowing them as you do. please grow up

        • lexie

          i’m not a 12 year old girl either but i don’t crap about other artists without knowing them as you do. grow up

    • Redheadddd

      This was quite amusing. Ha. Take Me Home by Midnight Red is NOWHERE near being a song about sex. The boys were asked what the meaning behind the song is. Neither of them mentioned sex. Like are you stupid ?!
      The song is about missing home, being with someone that makes you feel at home. Just because there’s literally only a verse that says “You love so good. How could I forget? Girl your touch is still the best. You could see all over my chest.” DOES NOT make it a love song. Get your facts straight. Thank you very much.
      These boys deserve to be in this category as much as the others. And they deserve to win.

      • JC

        (Make sure you read the following with heavy sarcastic overtones)

        Wow! SO much intelligence in your statements! “Like are you stupid?” Brilliant! It’s almost as if Hemingway himself put fingers to keyboard for this masterpiece! (Oh… Hemingway was a brilliant author. Maybe take a break from twerking to MTV and look him up. You might learn a thing or two.)

        • ana karo

          JC so much bulling, it is really necessary???

        • Cassie

          I’m a dedicated 20-something fan of Midnight Red and I will prove you wrong about our “mindless” fanbase in a couple easy words.
          1- Absolutely this song is jam packed with double entendres and sexual innuendos. Almost our entire society today buys and sells sex. It’s been so integrated into our social fabric that we now, blur the lines so to speak. It doesn’t mean the song can’t be used as a catchy marketing tool.
          2- Our fanbase is rabid, and will always ask “how high” when we’re asked to “jump.” These guys have worked their asses off since 2009 and contrary to poular belief, we not brought together by a label or a reality show. These guys came together on their own, and fought hard for what they’re getting.
          3- These guys have absolutely mastered social media and are truly using it not just as a communication/social blog etc, but leveraging the power of it for business and marketing. They have figured out the power of the hashtag.

    • Rinn

      The professionals behind this thing listens to the songs and sees what is best to use have on the poll. If Take Me Home has nothing whatsoever to do with home, then it wouldn’t even be on here. The people behind this are not stupid. I am actually happy Midnight Red are even in this.. They get little attention for a band so talented.

    • lisa

      You my friend are a sick minded puppy
      Midnight Red rules that’s why they are doing so well here!! And take me home is a great song and deserves to win.

  • Hannah Emilie Fanøe

    VOTE MIDNIGHT RED!!!! Much love to you from your Danish fan base :) #DenmarkWantsMidnightRed

  • Ashley

    Midnight red!!!! Vote vote vote!!

  • Luimi Dynasty

    I love the mariah song. what a hidden gem, i looked it up on itunes and downloaded immediately.

    I automatically picture a group of soldiers marching on the street as each one finds their home in the neighborhood.

  • Terry Londenberg

    New song choice Gabrielle Aplin Home

  • Rod Andrews

    Midnight Red is my choice of the listed songs. never heard of them before but listened to all the songs and I feel it’s the best choice for a commercial. We as agents have to stay fresh and up to date.

  • Cassie

    #RedHeads! We can do this! Keep voting! Spread the word! Let’s do this one for the guys!!!

  • Billie Mason

    Mariah’s song makes you feel that “feel good” feeling about going home. Home is where the heart is and she makes you really get that tingle in your heart.

  • Yvonne Muzyka

    I love John Mayer, When he sings, he has your undivided attention. No walking away when he is on stage. On the way home is one of my favorite songs in 2013

  • Yu

    L4L! Go MiMi!

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  • DK

    Dead @ the possibility of Mariah selling mortgages. Jermaine, we see you.

  • Karla Quintana


  • karabulla

    Vote Midnight Red…

  • musiclover23

    mariah carey has to win

  • Teresa

    Love midnight red ♡♡♡

  • OneFinePinoy

    love Mariah Carey, Love Almost Home. the only song that should win this.

  • Rafael Centenera

    drake is last haHAAA! (O) // #Yes!

  • Ste’vone

    Mariah carey should win the song talks about a few things the longing for home the home in your heart a song with real meaning on more than one level……

  • Gary

    Vote Mariah Carey!!! ALWAYS TAKES ME HOME♡♡♡ ALWAYS.

  • DH Saunders

    The Mariah Carey song “Almost Home” is a neglected gem, a song that preferably should have received an Oscar nomination than winning some contest about selling mortgages… it deserves better than the rest, so she gets the vote just for the song recognition…..

  • The Adoption Option TV Show

    Truly a hard pic.

  • Nassef

    Vote for Mariah Carey’s Almost Home. The song deserves to win this competition.

  • Fiona

    Midnight Red’s Take Me Home is the better song. New and fresh.

  • Samantha

    Midnight Red all the way, after you hear it, the chorus “Take Me Home” plays over and over in your head…isn’t that what Coldwell wants a song that makes you remember their company!

  • Alisson

    Does Mariah even know about this? Because she didn’t post anything on her page and Midnight Red did post telling their fans to vote for them many times…

  • Sherry Farr

    Never been a big fan of Mariah Carey and its nice to see her fans whining on here about our Midnight Red boys being in the lead. I love this band and hope they win this thing. I’m doing my best to vote as often as possible!! #RedHead

  • maria fernanda
  • maria fernanda

    Cual mariah ni que nada voten por midnight red son los mejores

  • maria fernanda

    Midnight Red

  • maria fernanda

    Vote for midnight Red…. vote vote vote ♥ voteeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Marcus

    I think this poll vote is rigged. Has anyone ever heard of Midnight Red? It’s another medium using Mariah’s name and fan base simply for website traffic with no intention of allowing her to win. Shame my head.

    • Cynthia Martinez

      They are only one of the fastest rising pop groups in the Country on Capitol Records. New generation which is what we at Coldwell need. They are good.

      • The Adoption Option TV Show

        Well Said.

    • cassie

      Their fanbase is growing RAPIDLY and thhave mastered using social media to their advantage. They have an incredibly loyal and dedicated fan following that will make it happen for them. Watch us. You’ll know these guys in no time.

  • Angie



    mid night red!! Go go go go! You deserve it.

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  • Jimmy Fulton

    Never heard of Midnight Red! Mariah all the way!!

  • Kirsten


  • jeff


  • Chyenne Tatum

    lol im seriously laughing at how pressed some of these people are over Midnight Red being nominated. you’re just mad because they’re actually winning right? Oh, and I really love how everyone thinks just because you’re a fan of a popstar or a boy band, that automatically makes you a 12 year old girl. Every member of Midnight Red is already in their 20s, i’ll be turning 19 next month and yes I love them. As for the song being about ‘sex’, there’s nothing sexual about the song or the video at all haha. Just because that one line may suggest something sensual doesn’t mean the song as a whole is about sex. Obviously CB nominated the songs they thought fit the category the best and like I said before, I’m happy that they’re acknowledging MNR’s music and how popular they’re getting lately. Don’t be a sore loser….it’s bad for the soul.
    my twitter is @mindlessdrews and @MNRseduction for any Redheads that were wondering <3 much love to Midnight Red

    • JC

      They’re 20?????? And you’re 19?????? Wow! Everyone stop what you’re doing immediately and listen to the sage wisdom of “@mindlessdrews”!
      (sarcasm… Don’t forget the sarcasm)

      Proof that Midnight Red’s fan-base is literally “mindless”. :)

      • Chyenne Tatum

        20-25 to be exact, how old are you JC? oh, and by the way, the ‘mindless’ part of that name has nothing to do with Midnight Red, that’s inspired by a totally different band, not like I would expect know or anything but it’s good to not be ignorant, you know? But why do you care so much about Midnight Red anyway? lol you’re going on and on about how much they don’t deserve to be nominated because i’m sure it’s deeply impacting your life right?

        • Chyenne Tatum

          and it’s probably not a good idea to underestimate somebody because of their age….that would be considered ageism, correct?

  • elotz

    Mariah! Come on lambs, vote for Mariah!!!

  • elotz

    Come on lambs, vote for Mariah! ALMOST HOME and MARIAH are the BEST!

  • Gina

    Kind of embarrassing for Mariah. She is known Worldwide for 20 years and she will win but this Midnight Red group who is not that big yet got a lot of votes. Guess they are on the rise. They sound good to me and I like the song.

    • Day

      I don’t think its embarrassing at all. I think it’s amazing that she is still be able to compete with the current generations after 20+ years in the business. Not hating, just saying.

  • Michelle

    Midnight Red all the way!!!

  • Leabella

    Everyone knows that Elton John has the best voice! Along with Bernie Taupin’s lyrics their Home Again song is the greatest! He is ageless and timeless! Loved by all ages and you can’t say that about any other artist!!!

    • Amoreena

      This is a beautiful Video!!!! Vote!!!

      • Kimerly Keshock

        Home Again by Elton John is the Best!!!!

        • Kimerly Keshock

          I am going to be selling and buying houses soon. I may pick them if they choose Elton John. Why would they vote? Everyone loves him!

        • sevda

          i voted too! <3

    • Anne

      Is this from Elton’s new album? What a wonderful song, and this one at least is really about the topic. What a shame it is about to go down with that boyband and the queen of screams and her song about surely not the topic.

      • Kimerly Keshock

        Yes! This is from The Diving Board album! Check us all out on Facebook on the Elton John and His Fans all of us are voting!! Yeah!!

  • ben

    so stupid that a little-known boy band is bumped up unfairly by votes of girls who want to sleep with them vs one of the world’s greatest singers.

    • Imke

      I’m sorry? Just because it’s a boyband doesn’t mean all their fans want to sleep with them. And they’re not 12 year olds either. Most of their fans are above 18. These guys are genuine and actually talented. They’re not manufactured like a lot of boybands. They worked hard to get where they are now and they still work hard. They are one of the fastest rising artists at the moment so winning this would be a great opportunity to get the word out. Nothing against Mariah Carey but she is already famous worldwide. If anything, Midnight Red deserve this the most. It’s not unfair because these votes are real. Just because not many people have heard of them doesn’t mean they don’t deserve anything.

      • Day

        They’re not manufactured?? Agree with everything else : ) They are pretty good singers and surprisingly are able to dance too, which is rare for today’s boy bands. Both Mariah and the Midnight Red are good, very different, but both good.

        • Imke

          They really are not manufactured. To prove my point, lemme tell you how they started. Eric and Anthony were already friends and they started the group. Eric met Thomas when they were participants at Making Menudo but they didn’t get really far. Then Thomas joined the group. They found Colton on youtube and Joey through a mutual producer. They started in a GARAGE. No talent shows or record label auditions were involved. So like I said, they worked very hard to get where they are now.

  • Hugo Meza

    just a couple of hours ago @MariahCarey was nearly behind by 1,000 + points now she’s ahead, like she is supposed to! Get Em’ Mimi

  • brittnay

    MIDNIGHT RED FOREVER<33333333333333

  • luis

    All the fan club in Costa Rica is voting for the beautiful Mariah Carey’s song ALMOST HOME . Its an international song…

  • Cris ♫ ☮ ♥

    I Voted for Midnight Red Really Talented Lads .. Take me home is a great song

  • Rudy Palma

    I suspect none of the below posters have even listened once to Elton John’s instantly unforgettable masterpiece, “Home Again.”

  • Rita Sader

    Vote for Midnight Red! PLEASE ;)



  • Joe

    Well it’s obviously the midnight red fans are mostly the ones refreshing pages to get votes so stop accusing and offending mariah fans when you’re just being like them. This already makes you look ridiculous

  • Jimmy Fulton

    Something crazy is up with the voting, I mean Drake has 169 votes which apparently is 1% of the total votes and Sheryl Crow has 278 votes which is 0%, how does that work?

  • Roman

    Mariah Carey “almost home” this song is just so powerful the lyrics the voice the emotions behind the song! I mean need I say more? Just listen and listen closely! “

  • Diana

    Yay!! Midnight red is going to win!! Keep voting

  • Ashley


  • N O R I E L L E


  • Yassir

    mariah mariah mariah mariah mariah!!!! VOTEEEEE

  • angel

    Midnight Red all the way. It’s a fun upbeat song. Makes me feel happy & up lifted. Plus when we go into title of the song. When I’m buying a house, I don’t want to think I Almost got my home. I went thru some deals where I wanted a house but almost got it but my bid wasn’t chosen for whatever reason. I almost had it, doesn’t make me happy.

  • Jimmy Fulton

    5 Grammy Awards, countless World Music Awards, countless Billboard Music Awards, American Music Awards, Song of the Decade 2 decades in a row! Artist of the Millennium! A legend in the music industry! I am pretty sure Mariah Carey is going to be fine if she doesn’t win this contest!!

  • Antonella Schäfer EƎ

    #TakeMeHome by @ItsMidnightRed ♥ I love that song and I love them!!!! ♥

  • Cako Villagrán

    No podemos estar en segundo lugar!!!! a Votar por MC Almost Home!!!

  • Serina

    Take me home by midnight red was the first song I performed live on guitar so ya’ll should definitely vote them ^3^

  • george

    alllmoooooost hoommmeeeee!!!!!!!!!! Mariah !!!!!!! I’ve seen the light in the sky

    In the skies are like fireflies Burning bright, just to vanish in the dark

  • Janice -Coldwell NorCal office

    I like the artist here and never heard of Midnight Red but after hearing their song Take Me Home I really like it. Thats what I voted for. I vote. 1 pick. (and No, I’m not a teeny bop teenager)

  • Aspire2InspireTheWorld

    It’s almost the 1 year anniversary since Almost Home was released…wow! Seems like it was just yesterday that I went and saw Oz in theaters. Love this song. VOTE! #AlmostHome

  • Chance

    Midnight Red’s song is fun. Great tune and what is needed. I vote Midnight Red.

  • Lisandro Barcelo


  • lili

    Almost home is too sophisticated for tv commercials and take me home is shitty pop teen-ish which is appealing to people nowadays, so I pick, for the commercial, take me home

  • kiara rudloff

    I love u midnight red

  • Marylin Manson

    Mariah Carey is a skank. Who in the hell is Midnight Red? You folks have absolutely zero musical taste that have voted for both of those blowhards.

    • Jimmy Fulton

      This coming from someone who goes by the name Marilyn Manson!!

    • lili

      Why Mariah is a skank?

  • Michael

    People are focusing on Mariah and Midnight Red but never paid attention to Drake for example who is more relevant than the both of them but got only 189 votes out of 99615, which clearly states that this poll is somewhat fake and not official :/

    • Katy

      Has nothing to do with who is relevent. It has to do with the best song for the award. If people are voting and closing how is it fake? Don’t be a sore loser as its not attractive. Mariah will win and that’s that.

  • David Ennis

    now this is the best song about question..

  • Redhead

    Come on Redheads we got this!

  • Tom Hinton

    As an old school singer/song writer fan, it pains me to see a manufactured boy band that’s been auto tuned getting pre-pubescent girls to get their robot apps on their I-phones to get these guys voted the winners. Their 15 minutes of fame are almost up. As for Mariah Carey, has she even ever written one song? Yeah, she can sing, but is a drum machine and a synth really music? The three most talented are easily Elton John, John Mayer and Sheryl Crow. I remember a time when Mariah Carey was nothing more than a pop tart that had a singing range of 3 or 4 octaves. Now, she’s just a Diva trying to still be a pop tart. I’ll take awards like this one seriously when they actually put serious artists in the category.

    • Kelly

      Your a loser. Do you know anything about Midnight Red? They are not manufactured at all and that is part of their story. They put themselves together by themselves. They sing 100% live. Have you seen their videos? Before you spout your mouth off do the research.

      On the other hand, do you even know what this award is about? Marketing. Bringing in new people. Go back to the stone age Tom Hinton.

      • Tom Hinton

        I think I struck a nerve with one of the pre-pubescent ones.
        I can’t help it that you like talent less hacks that won’t be around at this time by next year. Jonas Brothers ring a bell?

        • Kelly

          I would bet you are not even remotely as successful as the Jones brothers are/were. Don’t think they did to bad. Get with the times Mr “Old School”

          As for your comments on Mariah. That’s speaks volumes on your intelligence.

    • Will

      Mariah wrote 17 of her 18 #1 hits….

  • Mikeyin the QC

    Elton John’s Home Again is a moving and beautiful song about the human desire to return to what represents love and stability. In other words home. This beautiful song with lyrics by the talented Bernie Taupin will stand the test of time. I know it is popular to vote for the latest ten band, I get it. But, honestly, listen to the song, and tell me this is not a perfect song about home and its meaning.

  • emily

    Midnight red is the best take me home i love that song

  • Michael H

    I’m a 51 year old Coldwell realtor. I am a huge fan of Elton John, like Sheryl Crow and don’t like John Mayer much (honestly more dislike for his personality than his music). I have to admit I only learned of Drake after watching Saturday Night Live this weekend and he was pretty funny. I checked out his music and didn’t like too much. I never have heard of this group Midnight Red.

    After doing some initial research I immediately discovered this is a young generation boy band type and took a breath. Here is where the honesty comes in. They are good. Not a little good but really good. Seem like solid singers, put themselves together (not like kids on American Idol or XFactor) and after reading about them seem like likable boys. I admit I was skeptical but after listening to their song Take Me Home, listening to them, watching their fans be so passionate I actually voted for them. They seem like they want it more.

    At the end of the day its about what song would make the best commercial. It’s not about who you like the best or some over dramatic reason why “Home” is represented. What its about is the song is catchy and I think the marketing is genius. Without this Midnight Red group rabid fans I would have never even knew about this…and I work for the company!! Kudos boys and good luck.

    • Chyenne Tatum

      Wow, this made my day. Thanks for the support, Michael!

    • Samm

      No mention of Mariah Carey in your comment… you must not have heard her take on “Home” which has a good contemporary up-beat while showcasing brilliant vocal talent. It took me a few listens to really like, cause I’m always expecting so much from her, but the message finally hit “Home” (pun intended). I hope you get a chance to check it out!

  • Joshua

    Midnight red is a song for teenagers to drink and get laid to. This is a professional company that needs a song with class like Mariah Carey’s song. Having this group midnight red would be a disgrace….tacky! 12 and 13 year olds shouldn’t be allowed to vote for a wanna be NSYNC boy band. Vote Mariah Carey!

    • Jana

      Really? So I guess you know better than Coca Cola as this song and group represented them all summer as their summer jingle? Go back to the store and buy some haterade.

      I’m 27….and a home buyer.

      • Bailey

        What an ignorant statement. Do you even know their fan base? I voted for John Mayer and now am voting for Midnight Red just because of your statement which is the real “disgrace”

        • Joshua

          Proofread! Lol

      • Joshua


    • Louanne

      the fact that you think that your statement is correct obviously shows that you know nothing at all about music in general. Midnight Red’s song Take Me Home can have several meanings to it. Yes, you can see it as a song to get laid to but you can also see it as a song that tells peolpe that they feel home with others. They’re not a wannabe Nsync boyband, just because they’re inspired by them doesn’t mean they want to be them. If you knew anything about both bands you’d hear the differences in their music. And about their fanbase, most of the Redheads are 18 years or older and even if we all were 12/13 year olds, we’d still beat Mariah Carey. Midnight Red wants to win this, they deserve this and we’re gonna give it to them.

      • Joshua


  • Teresa

    Love you midnight red ♡♥

  • talloushkii(:

    midnight red – take me home! it’s best! just admit it guys! :P


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  • Madison Kirkpatrick

    Midnight Red needs this!

  • Madison Kirkpatrick

    I agree Mariah was good too but MNR deserves it

  • Tiffany Rudloff


  • Tiffany Rudloff


  • gb

    Out of every song I heard in 2013, Mariah Carey’s “Almost Home” was the best vocal performace I heard. It is a classic to me now. The ending has her hitting powerhouse notes that are just angelic. That song got no promotion or I think it would have been a radio hit especially at adult contemporary. Also, Mariah is a household name. I moved in 2013 after leaving a job and that song helped me it was like an anthem for me. AND HEY WHAT WAS WITH THE THEATRICAL VERSION? After the movie ended (Oz the Great and Powerful), we didn’t hear mariah. She was well into the credits and it wasn’t her radio version. Oh well. I hope Mariah wins. Best song, best vocal, best looking, best writing, she has it all. ;)

  • Nancy W.

    Midnight Red is the best choice marketing wise. Fun song (plus I have 2 teenage daughters who blasted it in my car for the last 6 months)

  • #RedHeads

    Everywhere, anywhere. There’s always somebody are look down MIDNIGHT RED. Omg, please. Look yourself first. They worked hard to get up n up. To be better, to be good. And their fanbase #redheads are growing so fast now ! And THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING. KEEP VOTING ;) for MIDNIGHT RED ♥

  • Kaytee

    Red head !! Pow ;)

  • Michele

    Midnight Red’s Take Me Home is clearly the most appropriate song, it makes you smile when you hear it and when you think of your “home” you smile, its about the memories you create, and the good times you have… comparison to the others!

    • Kay

      Agree !!! It’s so energetic , not saying other song wasn’t great , because they were , but take me home makes me smile and feel the most home like xD

  • hannah clemons

    i love midnight red best song , very catchy

  • Chyna


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  • Natalie

    Midnight Red smooth sailing to the finish!!! Take me home is sweet catchy up beat and something fresh for a change. You guys are amazing.. You worked hard to get to where you are and you deserve it all. From your amazing voices to the live performances..
    Congratulations and 2014 is your year to shine.

  • Teresa

    Take me home is my all time favorite ♡♥

  • Kennedy

    Congrat’s to Midnight Red on winning. It’s now past Midnight.




    It is SOME GUYS.

  • JG

    Who the hell is midnight red???

  • ivanpatrickpagulayancamposan

    Voting for MiMi’s aLMOST hOME

  • Reason

    I know for a fact that Midnight Red won due to people cheating and voting more than once. I saw it happen. They were getting ten votes every five seconds and it looked like Mariah had someone who was getting her a few for a while but then they probably gave up because MIDNIGHT RED WON DUE TO MULTIPLE FANS WHO CHEATED. OFFICIALLY THIS AWARD IS CONSIDERED VOID IN MY OPINION.

    • Sandra

      Even if that did happen how is that cheating? Where did it say you couldn’t vote more than once? If that’s the case both the Coldwell blog AND twitter mentioned Elton and Mariah and numerous times. They featured John Mayer. They didn’t even mention Midnight Red.

      I voted for S. Crow but congrat’s to Midnight Red.

      Jealousy = #Haterade

      • Reason

        I wanted Mariah to win, and I think that the contest was void due to the ectreme cheating. If Red Midnight knew that they won due to a hack they may not feel like they truly won so I guess you should hope coldwell banker and the band don’t check this page. I have no reason to be jealous and I will use Mariah’s unmatchable talent as my proof of that. I don’t like cheating; it’s that simple. I don’t think a group of people cheated. I think someone hacked into it. If coldwell banker checked they would see. I think you guys have been hateful if anyone. And hello? It’s cheating when you hack in and vote supernaturally.

        • Diego

          If you checked social media and knew about Midnight Red (I didn’t and now I do) you will see that group and its fans are VERY heavy on social media. So somebody “hacked” Mariah’s as well? That would have to be the case and not likely. I think its the younger generation paying attention. I mean look at the last person who commented here and put Elton John 9 hours ago…I mean HELLO the contest ended 2 days ago. Pay attention. Midnight Red fans won. You didn’t. Get over it.

          • Reason

            @Diego, if you are going to comment on my issue with this what I will now call manufactured award, you need to make sense. I voted for Mariah and saw the huge gap. I came back to check a few minutes later to show my wife and I noticed that their numbers had gone up very drastically in five minutes. So, I refreshed my page five times and each time I saw that they were getting 10 and then 50 within thirty seconds. I knew then that it was not a contest where one could vote more liike american idol. It was a hacked contest and I know it. And hey the whole thing looks -pretty much abondoned. I think it probable that they notices and.canned the whole thing. I don’t care if Midnight Red is Heavy on Social Media. “Oz” made a ton of money and the song was lovely. And Mariah Carey is a household name. THe name is Mariah Carey, I need say no more. Thank you and good night. ;)

    • Mike Wilerby

      You must have wanted Elton and are mad he didn’t win. Sore loser.

    • Samantha Connor

      I myself voted for Elton 10 times in 3-4 minutes I have to admit. Look at Midnight Red’s social media, including twitter. Mariah may have almost 15 Million followers and Midnight Red not even a 1/2 Million but they have as many if not more RT and Favs as she does. What does that mean for us old folks? Means Midnight Red has a very active social media fan base They didn’t cheat. This poll was a week long. Some pop groups get that many votes in an hour when these polls hit due to how many people voting. Congratulations Midnight Red. You deserve it and your song is quit good actually.

    • Chyenne Tatum

      lol you could vote as many times as you want, it’s just that Midnight Red’s fans wanted it more

  • Kimerly Keshock

    Elton John and Bernie Taupin’s ~ Home Again ~ From ~ The Diving Board ~ A Beautiful timeless and ageless song. Thank you.

  • Chyenne Tatum

    Congrats Midnight Red!! I’ll be watching the Grammys just for this commercial, not even joking lol I love them so much

    • Nick

      Midnight Red won’t actually be in the commercial during the Grammys. You know that right?

      • Chyenne Tatum

        Yeah it’s just their song that’s gonna be featured in the commercial, im aware :)

        • Nick

          No no. Their song won’t be in the commercial either. The Grammys commercial features “Home Sweet Home” by Motley Crue. Midnight Red is getting a delivered gift basket from Coldwell Banker with the #HomeRocks award. That’s it.

  • Jake

    The winner of the “#HomeRocks” award won’t be featured in any of Coldwell Banker’s marketing campaigns right? The commercial that will air during the Grammys still features “Home Sweet Home” by Mötley Crüe correct?

    • Tyler

      God, I hope not. That midnight whatever song is terrible.

      • Kelly Ann


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  • Stosh

    OZZY all the way! Mama Im coming hoooooome ♥ #HomeRocks #OzzyForever

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