3453938652 5460d9a5a6 How to Get Your Homes Lawn Ready for Spring

Courtesy of Flickr user Bitman

My lawn is brutal. There’s one patch in the front yard that just always seems to have trouble growing grass at the same rate as the rest of the yard. It gets dried out faster and it bugs me to no end.

I won’t even start on my backyard. It’s shady. I just had some trees cut down and now I have patches where there’s no grass at all. Can you tell my thumb is not green? But alas it’s that time of year when I venture to the Home Depot to see what can be done to salvage my lawn from being the eyesore of the neighborhood.

That’s why I found this video particularly helpful. For the novice landscaper that I am, I was able to get some quick tips on making sure my lawn is ready for optimal growth this spring. Who knew raking your lawn was the best way to prep it for seeding? Ok, maybe lots of people do, but I had no idea.

Check out the video below or on Coldwell Banker On Location to learn about how to get your home’s lawn ready for spring.