92689694 527c323549 300x206 How to Use Color to Correct Interiors in Your Home

Image courtesy of Flickr user iboy_daniel

When my wife and I bought our current house we knew going that there was a need to correct the interior layout and design of our home. The previous owners weren’t the greatest of decorators which was obvious by the brown and orange floral wallpaper pattern in the master bedroom and the fact that they painted the baseboard heating vents baby blue. No I’m not kidding.

Besides general redecorating there were one or two rooms whose layout just didn’t fit right with the rest of the home. I’m not exactly Mr. Handyman either so reconstruction wasn’t an option.

What we did discover is there are some things you can do with paint color and the color of your furniture and decor that can help correct some of the interior faults in your home. The video below is a quick guide to getting started and you might be surprised to see how color can make a room with a low ceiling feel bigger or make a small room seem spacious.

This video and a playlist of other videos on building a color palette for your home are available on Coldwell Banker On Location.