fittedsheet Please Show Me How to Fold a Fitted SheetThere are certain things in my home that I openly admit I have no idea how to do. Replace a sink? Tried it and didn’t work out to well. Install a bathtub? Not gonna happen. I know my limitations as an amateur handyman. There are simple things that I should know how to do, but just never learned to do it the right way. Like folding a fitted sheet.

It sounds like the simplest thing. Just fold a sheet. How hard could it be? But no matter how many times I try I just seem to end with a balled up sheet that I stuff in between two nicely folded sheets to try and hide the horrible job I did. So I finally turned to someone for help: Martha Stewart.

This should be part of a prep class for owning a home. The video above goes through step by step how to properly fold a fitted sheet so that it actually fits nicely in your linen closet. Maybe I’m the only one who has issues, but the fact that the video has over 80,000 views makes me feel better about my lack of sheet folding skills.

For those that are already fitted sheet folding experts, I tip my hat to you for your prowess. But for the rest of us home owners trying to figure it out, this video is a step in the right direction.


Image courtesy of Flickr user cogdogblog