Plato’s quote about a home with a library in it having a soul begs the question, are we on the verge of soulless homes? Think about it. In 10 years will home libraries become irrelevant? My entire reading list from the last 4 years is now stored on my iPad.

But a home with a library should not be looked at as a room to merely store books, but rather a space dedicated to escaping the noise of life. I think it’s time we considered Plato’s quote and redefined what it means to have a library.

Think about it. A library is not the greatest of terms. I spent 4 years in college and never stepped foot in the library. True story. It was a place for bookworms and studious types.A building that had its own smell and density in the air. The library is a place that must be quiet. Silence is expected and no one really enjoys being shushed.

So a home with a library could be conceived as being for the snobbish or the classe supérieure, but a library in a home should be so much more than that. It can be a room for children to study and do their homework in. It should be a place you can relax, grab a cup of Cocounut Mocha coffee from the Keurig and dive into a novel on your iPad. A library does not even require a book or reading to be at it score. It can be filled with music or art.

It can also literally be a place to escape as It was for Batman. The library in Wayne Manor was the place Bruce Wayne dedicated for access to the Batcave.

We often think of the soul of a home being the kitchen as its the gathering place for most households. I think the kitchen is the heart, but the library is really the soul. Don’t think of a library as a room set aside for strictly books and shelves, but rather the space that is dedicated to the enjoyment that life has to offer.