Replica of Disneys Haunted Mansion is Up for SaleI hated the Haunted Mansion as a kid. My first trip to Disney World I cried through most of the ride. No, I wasn’t 16 at the time. But even through the traumatic memories of the creepy elevator and the ghost that sits in your car with you, it’s hard not to marvel at what Disney created.

Someone was so impressed, they decided it was time to build a replica haunted house.

Built by a former Disney contractor, Mark Hurt, this replica Haunted House sits inside a gated community in Duluth, Georgia. The home was actually modelled to spec after the Haunted House located in Disneyland. The home also includes a matching playhouse and haunted bathroom with flickering lights.

Hurt actually lived in this home with his wife and children for several years, but has finally decided to move out. The video above gives you a look at some of the features of the home. I’m a bit disappointed that for a Haunted House of this nature they did a cheesy slideshow instead of a real video. Come on. Selling a Disney inspired home and you can’t break out some real video? I digress.

Yahoo has more details on the property in case you’re interested. I for one will not be placing an offer.


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